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Oh now here is a new one!

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How stupid do people think the world is? This just in my email: She left her last name and phone number (of which I deleted in this post) Did she think it would make me believe her? Yes that's exactly what this house needs is more damn solicitors calling us!


My name is Rebecca and I am wrioting to you in hopes that you might help me.

I have been totally disabled for the past eight years. I cannot work out of the home and I am trying to live on my social securoty. I am finding this terribly hard to do because of hospital bills and medicatiion bills that I run up every month. Yes, medicare does pay for some of that, but there is quite alot left over for out of pocket expences.

I have tried many multi level marketing but did not make a penny from them and I am at my wits end. I have to do something, so here's what I did.

I contracted with an advertising company . This company does addvertising for Universal Studios and a few more. They have asked me to get names, the town you live in and your and telephone number. For evey one of these they will pay me a dollor. Now I know a dollor doesn't sound like much but if I coul get 200 or 300 names a mailing and if people would help this will pay off I am praying.

The only thing that you would get is one advertisement from the compay. Do you think you could do that for me? I will be so grateful to you.

I am being honest in telling you how this wotks instead of tricking you into getting the imformation from some false means.Woud you please hit reply and list your name, state and telephone # ?

Thank you and God Bless You for your help! You will never know how much I appreciate it.

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What a way to make a living! LOL
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hmmm. Do you think this works better than the guy who sent us 363 versions of the same spam this morning? Why yes, now that you ask, I would like to apply for a mortgage online!
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Isn't there any way to escape the junk mail, unsolicited phone calls or faxes, and spam? I've found myself getting very nasty with anybody bothering me in this way, actually yelling at people who get me on the phone and want to sell me something, or want a donation because I signed a petition asking a politician to vote against long-distance animal transports, etc.. That one got me about 100 phone calls in a three-year period. I do make donations to my pet projects, but there is no way I can give everybody money, or can get another magazine subscription from some supposed ex-con who is struggling for resocialization. Do they give out awards for the most original sob story? Sorry, but this is a pet peeve for me.
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It's a pet peeve for me, too! I'm out there working my rear-end off to make a living, 8:30am-5:30pm, Monday thru Friday. NO, I will not give out hand-outs to solicitors like that so they can relax and not work! LOL. Sheesh.
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I'm sick of the guy who sits at the end of the supermarket driveway, with a shopping cart (stolen), holding his hat out. I've seen him at all hours of the day and he packs it in, at about 6:00 p.m.

He is about my age and, if he's healthy enough to sit in 100+ heat, all day long, he's healthy enough to WORK! Even my stupid brother, who lives in his van, works through a day labor agency.

My dad is 76, has arthritis in his neck and back, takes care of Mom, the dogs, the house AND runs his ONE-MAN business - yard work and home repairs.
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When we were in town the other day, we went by the shelter for homeless and displaced men. There was group of about 10 homeless out in front of the building- as we went by Mike pointed out to me that everyone of these men had cell phones! Ok, maybe some benefactor sent them the phones, but who is paying the bills? Just didn't make sense-
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MA, that does sound rather odd!

My biggest pet peeve are those damn telemarketers! Yesterday, I even got a call at work! I don't give out my work number to anyone except my friends & family, so I have no clue how they got a hold of me there. But I honestly believe that if someone else would have answered the phone, they would have gotten the whole mumbojumbo about the magazines they were selling. It's bad enough my house get bombarded with these calls, but now they're starting it at my work place. That just irratated me to no end. I wanted to smart off and say "How the hell do you expect me to read these magazines while I'm at work?", but I didn't say anything bad...since I was on the clock. ERRR!
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Hey Kass,

If I sent money, could you promise me it would got to food and treats for Nakita

(Hey, is it my imagination or did Kass move this to a whole new thread?)
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I could do with a Save Kellye too

But seriously, I think its wrong to be asking people to pay off your debts that you incurred yourself. I would understand if you needed money for a heart transplant, but a credit card bill???
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Well I see one thing in her favor, she is honest!
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