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I had a weird dinner again. Grilled chicken tenderloins with seasoning and yoghurt relish dip, 2 cheese buns and a fresh banana and mandarin. Pepsi max for the beverage.
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Lot's of turkey left over from yesterday so I am thinking turkey salad, would be nice, with lots of onion, celery, and mayo...
Maybe on a ciabatta bun with lettuce, and tomato and mushroom soup.
For dessert cherry yogurt. I have some dehydrated cherries my sister sent me (she has several cherry trees that she processes the cherries from every year) When you mixed these with yogurt and let sit for a few hours you get the best cherry yogurt in the world..

She also does strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and peaches.
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I believe my mother is making sourdough pancakes tonight, YUM!
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Im not in the mood to actually cook something, so I might pick up a wonton soup on my way home. Alternatively, I think Ill make a Lipton Sidekick - I really like the Singapore Noodle version they have, and they were on sale for .99 this week!!!
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Originally Posted by tierre0 View Post
Stuffed Turkey Breast done on the BBQ, Greek style pasta salad, and some raw veggies. For dessert some fresh peaches and cream.
Sounds tasty! Just curious to see if I get a black box when I quote you...
ETA: yep, I did!

Tonight we had fresh potatoes, peas and broccoli from the Farmer's Market, and grilled steak.
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Homemade chicken soup loaded with veggies and potatos with fresh french bread.
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Trader Joe's Sushi sampler. I'm so bad...

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Tonight it will be scotch fillet steak (haven't made up my mind what I'm marinading it in yet), skin on chips, curried egg salad, coleslaw and some fried onions!
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We're having swedish meatballs with potatoes, peas and gravy. Yummy!
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Left-overs again tonight...Chicken, Potato Salad, Pasta salad, and peaches for dessert.
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As tempting as it was to fix some of my potstickers, I chose to pull out something else I picked up at Trader Joe's: cooked and peeled Langostino tails. I'd never heard of them, so I looked them up. Not really shrimp, not really lobster. They're the size of large shrimp, but they taste closer to lobster... I defrosted some and melted some butter... then also sliced some fingerling potatoes and sauteed them (the potatoes only) in butter, sea salt, and Chinese 5 Spice....

A decent little dinner... no greens... bad me. But I'm working on the whole balanced thing.
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Tonight I'm making Elk backstrap steaks, potatoes, gravy and peas if I have some.

Tomorrow night I want to make my "famous' meatball soup but may hold off until Sat.
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Hmmm... hadn't heard of Langostinos before!
Tonight I had a microwaved ready-made Indian entree with garlic Naan, and a beer. Now that's a well balanced meal.
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I BBQd chicken breasts last night, and served them with a tomato, avocado, mango salad that we like. Tonight, maybe some smokies and a green salad. Tomorrow, we're partying at a friend's place and asked to bring "finger food", so I'm going to grill a whole mess of asparagus and take garlic mayonnaise for dipping.
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I had cereal. Tomorrow night is chicken stir-fry and Saturday is pizza from my favorite pizza place.
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I picked up some cold cuts when I was out so I just made myself a little buffet for dinner, a couple of slices of ham and roast beef, some raw veggies, cheese, crackers, a couple of pickles and pasta salad. For dessert some yogurt with dried cherries.
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Party food. My contribution is ready: grilled asparagus with garlic mayo for dipping.
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Im eating Spaghettios I couldnt find anything else to eat and well at the time it sounded good! Im working on drinking no soda or juices past 2pm which is hard for me! But I managed to drink some milk tonight!
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I just had lunch - oven baked fish with lemon pepper, skin on chips and 2 slices of crispy bacon.

I couldn't be bothered leaving the house.
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We went to a friends BBQ!
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Pasta with Seafood Sauce and Garlic Bread for me tonight.
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In our travels this afternoon, we finally got to check out the new Whole Foods. Oh. My. And their specialty sausages looked very enticing. The Thai Peanut ones caught Rob's eye, so we're giving them a go on the BBQ tonight. We're also having the first feed of Scarlet Runner Beans from the garden, and a Rhubarb (also from the garden) Crisp, for dessert. Not sure what starch, but given that we had some junk food at Happy Hour, and the carb level of the dessert is not low, we may just give starch a miss.
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My parents and I went to TGI Fridays. I had the Gourmet Mac n Five Cheese, or something like that. And an ultimate margarita
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Homemade spicy tortillas (this is a whole wheat tortilla with jap peppers) as "bread" with red lettuce, thin red onion, red tomatoes, swiss cheese topped with spicy mustard (normal mustard with peppers) rolled together in a wrap served with a side salad with boiled egg and cottage cheese Tea with lemon for a drink. I love preparing foods and eating them, it is the cleaning of the dishes I don't like
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Just a tuna fish sandwich tonight which of course I had to share with Miss Pixie the little piggly wiggly. And for dessert just some peaches.
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Think I'm going to do something with pasta and prawns and tomato and...
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Originally Posted by rapunzel47 View Post
Think I'm going to do something with pasta and prawns and tomato and...
Coconut milk.
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Originally Posted by Pami View Post
Coconut milk.
Well, there's not time to run out for coconut milk right now, and I do need to get it going in the next not very many minutes -- but it's certainly something to keep in mind for another time. Thanks for the thought.
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I had planned to behave and fix something at home after work... but we were slammed and due to a lack of proper planning, we had very few folks working the closing shift. And only one cashier. Me. We got out an hour later than normal... made good numbers, but oh my. And very little fabric actually put away. The store looks like a tornado came through... then a hurricane, then an earthquake.

So, I'm doing Taco Bell. Nachos Bell Grande and soft taco supreme. I've earned it.

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Pork Chops and Potato Salad for me tonight...Infact I am just about to throw the pork chops on the BBQ. I am also thinking more yogurt and dried cherries for dessert, it is sooooooooooo good.
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