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Pause's Brother Died

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I'm not handling this well at all. One of our client's had Pause's brother Malcolm. I wanted to see him so bad after Pause passed away because they looked a lot alike, same facial features and expressions he was just tabby& white. I just wanted to hold him so it would be like holding Pause one more time. They went to trim Malcolm's nails yesterday morning and he was in his bed, he was ataxic. They took him to another veterinary clinic because we are closed on sunday and they said his brain looked like he had shaken baby syndrome. They don't know what was wrong and I'm assuming he passed away at the veterinary clinic.

I'm so bummed. Pause has another brother somewhere but he was really different from the two of them and they were the sickest when they came to the clinic a long time ago. It just sucks big time... there's no other way to put it.

I'm not over the loss of Pause by a long shot, I still think of him and that day and how everything played out all the time. This is just another blow.

RIP Malcolm. You were a great cat.
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Oh I am so sorry for you and for Malcolm.
I know you said he was ataxic from what looked like 'baby shaken syndrome' do they know how it happened? Poor baby.

He is resting now with his brother Pause

Sending lots of thoughts your way during this sad time
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I'm very sorry about Malcolm. It's very sad, and a bit worrisome about the cause of death. I don't understand if it means he could have been shaken.

BTW, Pause was one of my favorites on this site.
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How horrible.

Many for you.

RIP Malcolm
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I know you said he was ataxic from what looked like 'baby shaken syndrome' do they know how it happened? Poor baby
I don't think they have any idea what caused this to happen. His mom said that earlier that night, like around 1am he was laying with her in bed and he gave her a look like "Don't touch me." So maybe he wasn't feeling well then? I KNOW they wouldn't have done anything to cause him harm. They have several cats many of them are purebred Siamese and then they have a few who were feral strays that have taken to living in their home. They have a notoriously evil cat that took her several years to get to the relationship they have now. I guess Malcolm was buddies with one of their Siamese, Cooper and he's taking it pretty hard. I had originally tried to get them take Pause when the kittens were looking for homes and they fell in love with Malcolm [but also wanted him because they wanted me to take Pause home.]. They are great people and I feel bad for their loss as well.

It's just so painful because now Pause and any piece of him is really gone. I just want my cat back. I'm sorry to be saying this over and over again but... it's just so hard. I appreciate the support, I really do. I know many of you have gone through the same loss I have, it's so hard. I feel like such a weenie.
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No please dont feel that way. You are grieving now. Its a process and it will take time. You lost someone that you love so very much. We understand. I promise you.

I wonder if he just hit his head from a fall and that caused his brain to swell. There have also been cases where "baby shaken syndrome" was actually Encephalitis caused by certain vaccinations.

It is such a sad, sad tragedy. I am very sorry they are going through this.
And for you, too. I know you feel like it was your connection to Pause, but you carry Pause inside your heart, with your memories of him. You will have those forever. I know its not the same, though.
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I'm so sorry that you didn't get a chance to see Malcolm, especially after having lost Pause. You're in my thoughts, I know how hard it is, getting over the passing of a beloved furbaby

Rest in Peace, Malcolm & Pause. You're reunited again
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Poor Malcolm... Iร‚ยดm really so sorry for this loss...
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I'm so sorry. Rest in Peace Malcolm.
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