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Kitten sick all of a sudden

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I got a kitten from The APL in cleveland on May 12th...i got other dogs and cats there before with no problem. He jumped around and played all the time.
He was fine until yesterday...he just stopped eating and playing.. I noticed he had diaherrea and i think he threw up to. I took him to the vet first thing this morning and he said his temp was below normal and he might have feline distemper. He gave him an antibiotic shot and a vitamin b shot to stimulate an appetite. He also put him on antibiotic for 10 days. He told me if he does not perk up a little bit by tomorrow bring him back. I am trying to keep him warm, and keep forcing some KMR..doc gave me ID cat food for him but he does not want it. He is drinking water. What else can I do???? If he is not looking better by tomorrow he is going back. I called the APL and his littermates are all fine except for one that had an URI but recovered. He is not sneezing or no runny eyes.. I am worried I have other cats but I read if they are up to date on shots they will be ok. I make sure all my animals are up to date.
Any suggestions on what i can do to help him through the night? is it a goood idea to keep forcing KMR? I gave him that BeneBac in the KMR emergency kit for digestive problems...so maybe that will help? Trying everythig I can think of
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I don't have any experience in this area, but I'm sorry to hear that your vet thinks it could be distemper. You must be so worried; it's good to know at least that your other cats have been vaccinated. Best of luck to you.
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Just checking in to see if you had any news...
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