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Look at this cutie pie:)

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Hello everyone:

Look what I found!!! A feral Mommy cat gave birth to three kittens in an abandoned car, I'm planning on taking them all so I canf find homes for them, but for now I could only take this one. He is a siemese mix, isn't he cute??? Oh I wish I could keep him! But I have 6 and I really can't have another. I know finding a home for this one will be a piece of cake, but I always do a screening so I can find the best home for him. I think he is about two months old, he looks big in the pic, but he is very small.

I'm taming him and he is eating well and he is very playful and happy.

Its going to be so hard giving him up! I love him already.

here he is:

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Where's the cuteness warning?
He's adorable!!! If I wasn't already full, I would take him in a second.
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He is such a cutie!! Love those baby blues!!
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Awwwww he so grogeous

The sooner you can get the rest, the better. There is a small window when they are kittens to start taming them.
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OMG he is precious!!! Just LOOK at those blue eyes - WOW!!!
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Oh my God! He is CUTE!!!!!! for you to get the other ones
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What a totally cute little doll! Good luck rescuing the other ones.
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Thank you all Sorry, I forgot the cuteness warning, I hope nobody fainted....

he is such a sweetie, he has been here two days and he is already tamed and playing with us, he is adorable. He was dewormed today too. The poor lil guy has a bloated belly, I hope it goes away after deworming.

I'm really sad because I really want to keep him, but I live with my Mom and she won't let me have more, we already have 6.
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He is beautiful. I'm partial to point markings no matter what form presented.

He'll be adopted quickly So don't worry, but make sure it's a good home
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He's gorgeous!! Look at those baby blues!
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Wow Gorgeous
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UUUuuUUUuuuuhhhhhhhhhh! (spins around and faints from cuteness!)

I don't think you will have any problems adopting him out.

for catching the others.
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Originally Posted by Momto4kitties View Post

omgosh...this pic just screams "please find me a good home"...the look on his face....awwwwwwwwww.

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