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Garfys new companions have just joined the board to get help with their new kitten. And here she is! They would like to know if she is Persian? I am guessing it is a girl- I could be wrong. Here is a link to the thread about this kitten:


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Hi, thanks a lot. Just for your information, Garfy is a male cat. U are very helpful.
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She's such a cutie-pie! She doesn't have a mushed nose like a Persian, but you'd have to ask the Persian breeders on the boards. I think she looks more Siberian, personally. But I'm no expert.
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Oops! You must have posted while I was typing! HE is a cutie-pie! Sorry!
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He could be doll-faced persian- looks more like doll face than peke faced
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Looks like a doll faced or mix. What a cutie he is!
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My guess would be part Persian, or perhaps a Turkish Angora. They have the Persian-like hair, but normal noses. (Sorry, but after having owned a boxer, I consider the pushed-in noses abnormal and unhealthy).
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What a cutie! :
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DEFINITLY a Persian , Looks like a silver shaded? , Doll faced persians are the "old" persians, BUT are still persians, no different breed, no doll faced persians over here but in most likely EVERY litter there will be a persian with a long nose, no different name, still persian ... Sam
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Thanks a lot for all the information. No matter Garfy is a persian or not me and husband love him very much. In fact he is now already a king of our room.
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Hey That's O.K, Hey I had a Persian called Garfield once is Garfy short for Garfield? .. Glad ya' love em'!
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Ya, Garfy is the short word of Garfield. I found it from a internet site. One more question to ask. Is it true that if I didn't let Garfly mix with other cats or not go out from the house, then it will be no danger for me to near Garfy when I get pregnant?
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It will be no danger to you to be near Garfy when you are pregnant at all. Just remember when handling/scooping/changing litter to wash your hands thoroughly and immediately after. Other than that there is no danger in having Garfy around.

Unfortunately there is this incredibly horrible myth that cats are dangerous to pregnant women and infants. Very untrue!

The only risk that I can really see (and then I'm not sure if it is any kind of risk at all) is if you are allergic to cats/Garfy and you become pregnant. Even then, I don't think there is much danger to you or your baby.

No worries.. keep on loving Garfy. Pregnant or not!
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your garfy is so cute!! I want to snuzzle him!!
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cute pic!!!
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