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They have found the answer

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The doctor's office just called and they have figured out why my blood pressure is so low. One doctor (my primary care) had me taking melatonin before going to bed at night, to help with my sinus problem. Evidently, the homopathic drug interacts in the negative with my other medication from another doctor. So, I am to stop the homopathic today, and see if the blood pressure comes up. If it doesn't, then they will continue to look for more anwers. Hopefully, this will do the trick. I am so relieved!
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I am so happy to hear that it's nothing serious!!!!

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Oh Hissy, my fingers are crossed for you. I hope that is
what was causing the problems.

What a relief!

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I am glad that everything is ok.
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Thank You, Lord, for hearing our "prayers of concern"

AND We PRAISE You in advance for the "satisfactory solution"

Hissy you are a true source of to all of us at this Site.
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That's excellent news! Or, like a newspaper headline once proclaimed, "Important if true!" I do hope it's "true" and your blood pressure returns to normal.

Hang in there! Let us know what happens.

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Darlene.....I hope that takes care of the problem!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will say even more prayers for you tonight, and I hope maybe the problem is solved!!!!
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I'm so glad to hear they finally found what was wrong. Alot of times people don't think to ask if there could be contraindications with homeopathic drugs and prescribed medications. Hope you're doing better!!
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