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Daily Question.................06/01/09

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Good morning my dear friends…
Today I have the privilege to post here your daily question for the Lounge… I want to mention that all questions here are just for the unique porpoise of fun and of course, to stay in touch with all members, and to know what do you think about it… of course sometimes some questions are a kind of silly but funniest in the bottom!..… so lets begin…

How usually are the black-outs in your area? In what season of the year are more often? What are you doing during the time off light?...

...So, start to post here!......
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we have black outs either in the summer (after a bad thunderstorm) or more frequently in the winter (the bad ice storms often will knock the power out) Well I say I rarely have black outs because in the 2 years I have lived at my place we only lost power once. BUT my area it depends on which power company you use. One co tends to lose power more often then other and thankfully I'm in the good company's area. My parents however lose their power more frequently. If a bad ice storm is predicted my parents will stock up on wood for the fireplace and woodstove knowing that they have a high chance of losing power. Losing power in the summer is ok but in the winter it is terrible! Because it gets really cold. A few years ago we lost power for a week after a bad ice storm and my whole family ended up sleeping infront of the fireplace!!

During a black out....we usually just go about our normal lives just by candle light. I don't watch alot of tv so its no loss. I just read by candlelight and I know my mom teaches her piano students by candlelight as well. (they usually get a kick out of that!)
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In the Summer we have blackouts and brownouts, from massive power use in the valley, or during a monsoon.

All I do is worry and prepare to get the animals someplace cool, the trailer gets hot enough to kill them without airconditioning.
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mostly in the winter when heavy snow or ice will knock down the power lines, i think it happened 3-4 times this year. then it also happens if someone hits a utility poll, we live on a busy rte so that happens about 3-4 times a year too. The winter outages usually last for a few good hours to me and BF usually go downtown and wait it out at our parents houses ( only about 15 mins away)

once the power outage was so long i was starting to get worried and drove back up on icy roads to get my turtle and bring him down my parents so he can stay warm the cats are diff, they have fur and know to cuddle in blankies
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We had a few lately with some kind of unexpected storms but usually we don't have many. If we do, it's during winter when it gets super windy or there's thunderstorms.

Last week there was a massive storm and half the state was blacked out for more than 24 hours. We were ok, but a lot of people weren't. That was tough.
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It is generally very good where I live with maybe 2-3 per year and they only last a few hours at the most.
However my sister and brother who live only about 40 miles away in one of the out-lying areas have them much more often, and they last for a couple of days sometimes.
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We have very few power outages in this area. I don't think I would need both hands to count them on, in the nineteen years we've lived in this house. When they do happen they are relatively short. The only exception to that was a couple of years ago when we had really bad winds, and there were widespread outages in the Lower Mainland. Even so, there was only one night that we couldn't just go about our lives at home, and so went out for dinner and a movie. Candles were sufficient for getting ready for bed, and by morning the power was back.
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Fortunately we don't have many, and if we do the powers back on quite quickly. I think the last time i had a power cut was 5 year ago with really bad thunder and lightening. It cut my power off but it was back on after 30 seconds.
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We had a bad ice storm here in January, and in some places, people was without power for about four weeks, I was very fortunate, I was only out of power for 4 days. In this case, everyone was buying generators and using propane to stay warm!! It was not a very pleasant experience and I hope we never have another ice storm that severe in years to come. The entire western portion of the state (KY) was paralyzed!!
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We don't have many blackouts, usually in the Summer when there's a Hurricane. Other taht maybe when there's a thunderstorm or when a car hits a pole.:/.
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Not many blackouts in Kansas. We had one the winter '07 or maybe '06 and I have no idea what we did! Probably read. They went out the other night during a thunderstorm, we woke up and our room was really quiet (usually have the air purifier and fan going) and couldn't figure out what was going on for a second!
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We usually are hardest hit in the summer---thunderstorm season. Sometimes it seems as if a good puff of wind will knock out the power, and it may be off for several hours.
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We have very few power outages here.

I try to do my part by running the AC at a warmer temp than most people...during the day its set to 80, at night down to 76-78. I can't sleep if its warm. But its mainly the humidity that does us in.... so even with the AC at 80, it feels nice compared to the same temp but humid outside. Or even a lesser temp with humidity.

If we do have an outage that lasts longer than an hour or two, we have a back up generator which is hooked up to a subpanel of our hydro panel, and it will run the nessecities (fridge, freezers, and I think there is some lights on it too.).

The only outage I can remember lasting more than an hour was a few yrs back...I believe it was the one where parts of the US were out for a day or two, parts of Ontario were out for the same, but we were only out for 2-3hrs I believe.
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We get them on occassion here, but typically it's only following bad weather like thunderstorms, tornados, or straight-line winds.
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Power outages here are pretty few and far between... intermittent very brief outages (usually less than a few minutes) in the early spring and late fall as the utility work prepares for/finishes repairing lines downed during hurricane season/rainy season. The utility work I'll notice only because the microwave is flashing and I have to reset my coffee timer...

Hurricane season can suck though. Wilma had my folks without power for almost a month. So yeah, you grill and drink alot and kind of just bear with the utility company repairing damages.
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They are not often here but when they do come it's in Winter. Usually during a storm or hail.

We had snow on the weekend - but I was away from home!
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great participation!..

What about me?...
Usually we suffer blackouts here during the months of heavy rain and this happen usually on September month, the season as well is Autum...
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I seem to lose power a lot where I'm living now. After any bad thunderstorm, so mostly summer. When the electricity is out I usually light candles and read. Or if it's still daylight I use the time to clean.
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We almost never get blackouts here, one in a while the lights will flicker during a storm, but since they put most of the power lines underground we haven't had a power outage in ages!
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