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So, long time no see everyone! How are you all? It's been many, many months since I've posted here, motherhood has been very time consuming!

However, we are very blessed with our beautiful daughter. She's a wonderful girl. She is the happiest, most beautiful, gorgeous little creature. She sleeps all night and charges around all day. She is such an active little boo - and now standing up on her own. Can't believe she's ten months old already!

And well, we're having so much fun we've decided to do it all over again! Yep, number two is due in January It's a little earlier than we planned but we're very fortunate.

Anyway would love to hear from you all, my old friends. Tell me what's been happening! What are you up to! I'll catch up on all the threads but a dear old friend sent me a private message today which prompted me to start this `hello' thread out of the blue.

Here is Poppy at 10 months and one week old. Beautiful girl.

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How adorable she looks!! And congratulations on #2.
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She is too cute! Congrats on #2!
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I was just thinking about you the other day, swear to God! So glad to hear that everything is going so well for you Sarah. Poppy is an absolute doll, look how gorgeous she is!!! Congratulations on number two.
Hopefully you'll be able to pop in to TCS more often an update us!
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Oh my heart Poppy is a living doll Congrats on your 2nd baby Nice to see you are all doing well
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Awww thanks everyone! It's so nice to see all these lovely familiar faces still here
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Awww Poppy is a gorgeous little girl, Sarah, just gorgeous, with those sweet little curls Im glad to hear that you are doing good AND that you are expecting!!! Congratulations, Im sure you both are so happy.
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Oh. My. God. What a little sweetie! And I imagine this little one keeps you plenty busy..

Nice to see you, Sarah, and good to hear that all is well. Congrats on baby number two.
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is lovely!..
Welcome back!
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Welcome back and thanks for checking in! She is adorable, congrats on a happy healthy active baby and congrats on number two on the way. You have been missed in IMO
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OMG look at those gorgeous curls! Congrats on #2 & don't be so scarce around here!
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Poppy is gorgeous with that hair, just adorable Congratulations on #2!!
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Hi there - I don't know you, but needed to say that this is one of the cutest babies I have ever seen! What a gorgeous little girl!
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Congratulations! She is gorgeous!
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Aww! Look at her gorgeous locks! What a cutie pie!
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Hi Sarah! It's so great to hear from you.

Poppy is absolutely adorable - such a little beauty. Congratulations on #2. What happy news for all of you!
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Wow, I cannot believe she is 10 months already! Where has time gone?! I remember when you posted when she was born She is absolutely beautiful - she could be a child model!
Congratulations on #2, also! We are expecting a baby boy in September!
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I don't know you but wanted to say that you have such a BEAUTIFUL GIRL! How adorable!!
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Poppy is beautiful Sarah And, congratulations on number two
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What a gorgeous girl! She's absolutely stunning! It's no wonder you're trying again!
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