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Picking up 'Bunny' cat fur

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My Aya is what I like to refer to as my Japanese un-bobbed tail cat. As she would probably meet the bred standard except that she has a full tail.

Anyway, now that we're almsot full-grown (7m/o) we have lots of super-fine short kitty fur (mostly white) that sticks to everything and everywhere and is resilient to my tried and true methods of de-furring things. (It even survives the washing machine!) I heard someone mention that this breed has what they term 'bunny fur'. Anyways I love her coat, but I really don't want to wear it on my clothes or furniture.

Also, BTW we hates being brushed, despite the fact I started her with a small flea comb at 4w/o.

I'm also in Japan so I'm certain lots of brand named products are unavailable here...
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Have you tried lint rollers? Any of the sticky or red fabric brushes work?

If you have an untarnished surface, scotch guarding it has been rumored to help a bit.

What methods have you tried?
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a lint roller would be my first attempt but I haven't found them here.

I tried washing in the machine. Apparently this doesn't work on super duper fine cat fur.

I tried damp cloth.

I tried these furniture wipe things from the dollar store.

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LOL - well there is one method that is completely ghetto but I have found to work in a tight spot... Packing tape around a hairbrush.

Yes you have to keep creating new sheets, but when you need something quick - it works. Just wrap the tape sticky side out over the brush and roll the brush along the furniture. You can also just take a long flat piece and pull it across. It's not that pricey, and any large roll of tape will do though I would stick to packing or masking tape.

It's also great if you have a carpeted bedroom! You know how it is difficult to get the edges with a vacuum? Well just place the tape above the edge and run the end of a pen (not the ink side) along it through the edge, lift and you will find all the dust and hair is on the tape. Voila!
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