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surprising sibling fighting - hELP!!

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my boyfriend and i have had two female cats (bubba and baby) for two years now.
They came together and have always been together. they have never had any major problems. Bubba has always had the strongest attitude, tends to be more impatient, but has never done more than rough play with baby.

the other day as they were being fed, bubba went wild and full on attacked baby. chasing her, hissing, and meowing low almost like a howl, this time it was a real cat fight.

we separated them, at this point bubba had a minor scratch by her nose.
we confined bubba to one side of the house and baby in the other. after a few hours we let bubba out of seclusion, and as soon as she found baby she went after her again. this time we separated them by pouring water on both. after a couple of minutes of being in the same room it seemed they were better, but they were just staring at each other. baby was on a table and bubba on the floor staring. as soon as baby moved bubba went after her. this time we poured water on bubba. it really was a terrible sight, and very heartbreaking. baby is very frightened. we dont know how it started, and tho it seems bubba is the agressor, i wonder if maybe baby has been the instigator before when we are not around.

today, after a 24 hr separation we let them see each other again, and once again she went after baby.

has anybody been thru something similar. does anyone have any advice. should we let them go at it, on their own, its sounds harsh but maybe they have to fight it out.

we are very concerned, for both of them. what can we do?
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First thing to do is get them both to the vet.
You may not notice anything, but they certainly do.
It is very normal for cats to try to chase off another cat if it is ill.
It is also not unusual for a sick cat to become aggressive as a means of defense.

Rule out possible medical causes before looking for a behavioral fix.
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