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question on feeding

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We are very new cat owners. We have 2 ten month old cats. We leave them dry food out all the time. Are we supposed to leave the food available at all times or should we ration them or limit them to a certain amount each day? One looks fine but the male seems a bit chubby. Thanks for the help.
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Until they are one yr old, you can, and should leave food for them all the time... After that, the safest thing to do is to check the feeding quantity on the package, and give them that per day.

Both of my cat are very good in just eating what they need - I measured their food for a long time, until I got to that conclusion... Now I free-feed them; meaning, I have an automatic feeder, and they can eat as much as they want.
I do weigh them every week though, as it is harder to monitor if they are eating too much or too little when you free feed.
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Some cats do fine free feeding ... but many do best on a feeding schedule /// I personally do a mix of this I measure out food twice a day so I know what amount is being eaten and then leave the food out all the time ....

Canned food being at least part of the diet will give a better chance of a overall healthier cat
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