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Here are some pictures from my trip to Vilnius, Lithuania last week. I was there for a conference and to present a paper, but I still managed to find enough time to get around the city and take about 600 digital photos while I was there. The hard part was going through those and cutting them down to a more manageable level that wouldn't induce narcolepsy on anyone viewing them. My poor parents had to suffer through the unedited version, but my dad does the same thing to me all the time, so it's fair.

I finally managed to pare the pictures down to 72. You can find the full album with captions and 1600x1200 resolution here:

Here are a few teaser pics scaled down to 640x480 resolution:

This is the front of what is perhaps the most prominent church in Vilnius. It's simply called the Cathedral.

This is the interior of the cathedral, looking back towards the door from behind the altar.

This is a very famous monument called the Hill of the Three Crosses. According to legend, seven Franciscan monks were crucified on the hill. The original monument was torn down by Stalin and rebuilt in 1989 after Lithuania declared independence.

The interior of another church, the Church of St. Peter and St. Paul. The outside is fairly drab, but the inside is simply amazing.

One of the strangest monuments in all of Vilnius is this bust honoring the musician Frank Zappa. Zappa isn't from Lithuania and as far as anyone knows he never set foot in the country, but some of his fans decided to honor him after the fall of Communism.

And lastly, here I am up in the Sky Bar on the top floor of my hotel. The bar had one of the best views in the whole city, plus the drinks were good AND cheap.