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Any campers from SW Ontario?

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Does anyone from Ontario have any tips of great camping places? I would like somewhere with a nice, clean beach and a somewhat private setting (as much as you can get in a campground, anyway).

My boyfriend doesn't get a lot of time off, so we'd like somewhere reasonably close (no more than 2 hours or so from London area) that's suitable for a weekend trip.

Pinery is booked up...I'd love a place on Lake Huron, or maybe some nice inland lake. I live close to Lake Erie, and an not a fan of our beach, at least.
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Plenty of wonderful camping areas and parks around the shores of Georgian Bay. Some of the smaller ones have very private beaches, and access areas for hiking and exploring. The bigger parks however like ArrowHead, Killbear and Algonquin are packed with people from June-Sept so if you want to get a camp site in them it's sometimes kind of hard. However there are plenty of outlying campgrounds that have park access, plus most of these parks offer lots of activities if your interesting in water sports, and such.
Some of them would be a bit longer to reach then your 2 hour limit but are well worth the trip.
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I don't know about campsites, but Goderich has a nice beach IMO. I prefer going there over Grand Bend.... It might be something for you to check into and see if they have any campgrounds up that way. There are some really nice trails in that area too. One of em has this really high up bridge, gorgeous landscapes.

Here's a link with some info about what to do around Goderich


and a link about one trail


I found some camping in or around Goderich...

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