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Another wet versus dry question

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I've switched back to feeding my kitties wet food twice a day now in an effort to decrease their dry food consumption. Dory, the trooper, can eat anything and have perfect tootsie roll poops.

Josie, on the other hand, has had soft to runny poop since I adopted her in March. It's softer when she has more wet food. At this point, am I countering the health benefits of wet food if she always has soft stools? I'm afraid she isn't digesting and getting all the nutrients from her food if it "runs" through her. It's not diarrhea and she only goes once a day. But it is very squishy...

I'm feeding Innova chicken for dry and Innova chicken and just started mixing in Natural Balance Duck and Peas for wet. I also add in a small amount of digestive enzymes and probiotics into the wet.

Should I just call it a day and let them eat more dry food? For Josie's sake? Right now, they get about 1 - 1 1/2 tablespoon of wet food (with water) twice daily and slightly less than 1/2 a cup of dry. When I feed wet once a day, they get about 15% more dry food. They are 9 months old.
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try a non poultry with no peas ... sounds like a intolerance to an ingredient
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One complication is that most non-poultry food has some seafood in them. And my cats won't eat anything fish related. I did buy NB Venison so when we're done with the duck/chicken combo, I can see if that works.
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I have a little guy who suffered from runny poops, and then I put him on a course of probiotics--Ark Natural's Gentle Digest was what I used--and after three weeks his poops were normal and have remained so for five months. Sometimes the flora in their guts gets goofed up and needs to be replenished.

Best of luck to you!
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I'm using a probiotic specifically made for cats. Are you using a human brand? Maybe I need to switch. Josie did have tapeworms and was given Profenda but her poop has remained the same. She was on antibiotics a long time because of a URI so her gut flora could have been compromised.
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I use human probiotics with ONLY the strains known to be in felines... there are some feline only that are simple ie the 4 strains in a cats system ... How many times have you wormed?
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She was given a time dose of Profenda. I haven't noticed any tapeworms since but then again, I didn't notice them either when she had them. I do look for them when I scoop though. She is currently on Multi Advantage.

What are the four strains for cats?
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You are not compromising anything when feeding just wet. Try a probiotic like acidoupholous mixed in with the food, That should take care of the problem
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Originally Posted by Dojo View Post
II put him on a course of probiotics
These work great for me too!
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