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The 50,000 point cat limerick contest!

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Who is TCS's best limerick maker? Let's find out!

Here are the rules:
Only one entry per username.
It must be entirely original and contain the word cat in it.
You have exactly one week from the second this is posted to post your entry. Please do not comment at all on any submitted limericks. Only submit limericks to this thread and nothing else. You will have your chance to participate in a poll at the end of the contest and make comments.

The winner of the poll receives 50,000 points and is declared the TCS champion limerick maker.

(Persi & Alley will be checking the net to make sure your limerick is original.)
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My cats and dogs can not abide,
one chases and one seeks to hide.
will this ever end?
Will they become friends?
Oh look, they're resting side by side.

(I would like to know if we can submit more than one too.)
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Originally Posted by Momofmany View Post
Clarifying question - can we enter more than one? DH and I love to make up limericks!!
I updated my original post for clarification.
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There once was a sweet little cat
I decided she might need a bath
I was given much pause
As she fought with her claws
I guess next time I'll let hubby do that
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There once was a cat named Easy
She walked around town so breezy
She was so sweet
With her cute little feet
But turned out to be a big teasy
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I once had a cat named Casey
Who was a lady but not into lacey
She was a big cat
But not at all fat
She was a flirt and really quite racey

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I once met a cat who sported a pair of wings.
- and I thought I'd seen a lot of weired things!
I asked: Do you Fly?
it said: Why mam, I sure try,
with which it fluttered right into a pub called The King's

... inspired by the winged cat of China!
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Our smallest cat is named Scarlett
She views herself as a starlet.
When hands are in play
Her back she will lay
And looks to be more of a harlot.
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Originally Posted by Momofmany View Post
A multi-verse Ode to my Cats (in order of their age)

Stumpy?s tail is short like a stump
When he sleeps he?s just a big lump
He eats like a hog
And thinks he?s a dog
But really is a cat speed bump.

Eightball never ever sits still
He sometimes can be quite the pill.
But a cat that wiggles
Can give me the giggles
And stops me from wanting to kill.

Bob is a cat who?s evolving
He wishes our doors were revolving
While out he wants in
Then wants back out again.
Our patience is slowly dissolving.

Pinky is a very large cat
Sometimes he can be quite a brat
His paws are humongous
The biggest among us
But he swears that he's fluffy not fat.

Our smallest cat is named Scarlett
She views herself as a starlet.
When hands are in play
Her back she will lay
And looks to be more of a harlot.

Our wild cat is Lucky Pierre
Found me, became a millionaire
Cats that are feral
Are sometimes in peril
With his cushy life, don?t despair.

To Muddy I?ll always succumb
His cat meowls say ?come momma come!?
Stands on his back legs
Attention he begs
Withhold and he?ll throw a tantrum.

Koko likes the toes on your feet
She?ll lick them until they are neat
It?s just kitty fun
Pedicure anyone?
Without one your life?s not complete

Spanky busts through the screen door
A cat who ignores my implore
No screen can contain him
DH wants to brain him
The outside he wants to explore.

My Oscar is really quite shy
With Spanky he?s found an ally
They snuggle in bed
With bumps to the head
The blankets I simply supply
Amy, please remove all but one limerick. This gives everbody a fair chance. Four days left in the 50,000 point contest.

*Mod note: Amy's entry has been edited to the one she asked to submit for the contest.
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What's the matter, isn't 50,000 points enough? Take a look at the competition. You only have three more days to become the TCS champion cat limerick maker. Everybody will enjoy reading your submission and your peers may just award you the best cat limerick author of them all. It's easy. It's fun and its the easiest contest Persi & Alley have come up with yet. Are points worth nothing anymore? Well then how about the prestige of being the best? Three more days...
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Milky is the most handsome cat on the block,
Why? Because is cute and have a good Look.
He has a lovely little sister called Catulina,
And she very fluffy as the chinchilla,
Mischieving the other day boths, they hiden my Clock!

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Roxie, and Amber her sibling
are cats who eat without dribbling
their fur is so pretty
and they are quite witty
all day they are known for their nibbling
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There is a cat named Anna,
Who loves her yellow banana!
But then one day,
She turned wild in her play,
And she now wears it as a bandana!

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This contest closes at 1:14 central time today as you can see in the upper right hand corner. We have 9 contestants so far, how about being number 10? You still have time. If you do not want to enter, please read the limericks we have. Decide which ones you like the best. I will be posting a poll in the morning. According to the poll results, Persi & Alley will send 50,000 points to the winner. GOOD LUCK!
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