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First night home! And better than I expected.

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I completely read up on the best way to introduce new kittens to older cats and I still didn't follow the instructions! Sheesh!

Luckily, things turned out a lot better than I thought they would. My older boy Kinko ran out of the room when the kittens were first brought upstairs (I'm using my bedroom as the safe room). But later he came back and actually started licking the little girl's face and really cleaned up the little boy's behind. So I think that went well enough, though I will still keep the kittens in the safe room only until they reach about 16 weeks (they are 12 weeks now). Then I'll let them wander upstairs under my supervision. I also want to keep the kittens separate until after they get fixed in a couple of weeks.

Chloe - my older girl, was not so happy. She mewed a lot at first and then let out a couple of hisses and curled up next to my husband. I started to pet the little girl and I would hold my hand in front of Chloe who would lick it and rub her face against it. Then I would pet the kitten again hoping some of Chloe's sent would rub off on her.

The kittens are staying in the bathroom for now when my husband and I are asleep or out of the house. Wow are they tiny! I know my two older Maine Coons are big - but these guys seem so little. And of course I forgot about having to get up in the middle of the night to feed and comfort them! Luckily it was only twice.

I have to say - as cute as these new babies are, I am ready for them to get bigger!

So my plan now is to bring down the towels the kittens have slept on all night to the living room so my older cats can smell them and place one of the towels under their food. And then later this week start feeding my older cats next to the kittens in their carrier.

Hopefully - fingers crossed - in four weeks once the kittens' spay/neuter is complete and they have healed, we can start allowing supervised meet and greet time.

So please - for those of you who have done this before - am I on the right track? Any tips and suggestions?
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You are doing everything right.
I was lucky with Cleo my sphynx when the other cats met her.
I was so sure Oreo would hiss but she did not.
They all got along when they met.
I would love to see pics of your cats and kittens.
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Wow! You have well behaved cats!
I'm trying to get a blog setup so I may post some pics - I only took a few with my iPhone and the boy moves around so fast. Really, after years of lazy babies, these new ones are so quick!
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You should see the pictures of my sphynx when I first got her.
They were all terrible because she moved to much.
She still is very hyper and is almost 10 months.
I am just lucky they all get along.
Cleo has been mnaking the other cats made at her because she plays very rough.
They end up with cuts and she hardly gets any cuts even though she is bald.
Mine are all differant ages.
I hope your cats will get along well.
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I think my Harley may end up being like your Cleo. He is a ball of energy! Sasha I can lie on her back, rub her belly and she's sleeping. I'm really lucky with my older cat Kinko though. He heard us playing with the kittens in the safe room and started meowing at the door. I let him in and he went right up to Sasha and started grooming her. She began to nuzzle into him - it was really cute!

My hope is that the kittens' scents on Kinko, as well as on me and my husband, and on the towels under the food will have my older girl Chloe tolerating the cats in no time.

I will be soooooo glad once these little guys get bigger and can roam around freely.
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That should work.
Your cats will all get a long soon.
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