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Question of the Day May 31st.

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Morning All!!!!

The weather here today is really dreary so that is what has lead to today's question.

Do you find that the weather affects your moods?

I know it does me to a certain extent. I have a tendency to be either more irritable or feel a little blue when it rainy. However oddly enough I am the exact opposite in the winter and find I am more upbeat on snowy days, then really bright cold days.
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I get a bit manic when spring comes and it starts to warm up. I love hot weather! Come fall, the reverse is true - I get those cold winter month blues.
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LOL, sadly I am 25 years old and when the weather changes my knees swell up like grapefruits! I should have never played football in high school! Although, truth e told I love the warmer weather and I am looking forward to a nice summer!
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I totally get affected by the weather! I love sunny blue sky days, my modd brightens with the sunshine.
Although rainy days are a good excuse to stay inside and do nothing.
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Unfortunately, yes. I have weather oriented pain in my back, knees, elbows, wrists and hands So damp days are not fun, sudden changes aren't fun, and any substantial change in pressure whether it be up or down, is not fun.

When we get a few nice sunny days, I feel pretty good....and in good spirits.

I need to move somewhere warm and dry...LOL.
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^It's warm and dry here. Too warm, though, you'd probably melt.

Like others, if big weather changes make me hurt a lot - than yes, it can affect me a bit - more fatigue, instead of moodiness. But then I usually hurt everyday so for the most part I'm use to it and just ignore it. So ultimately, whether it's sunny or cloudy outside there's not really much change in me - I'd need to have different moods first.
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There is no cold here, we have warm, really hot, and really hot and soggy, those are the seasons here.

I'm a native Seattlite, and I do get somewhat crabby after too long a period between rainfalls though.
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Not dramatically affected, but yes, a nice bright sunny day is a mood lifter, and a long string of dreary is -- well, dreary -- not debilitatingly so, though.
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Ok I'm wierd, I like cloudy cool days rather hot sunny ones. As you can tell I am not a summer person at all. The heat really bothers me so I always have to turn on the a/c. I love the winter altho not the snow and ice, I know I ask for to much but we can't do anything about Mother Nature.
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I was diagnosed in the early '90's, with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), although, I know I've had it since I was a teenager. I ususally go on Prozac from November to around April, and it has worked wonderfully for me for years. This year has been a little different, with my eye issues and back pain....the Prozac just didn't help at all. I'm trialing my 5th or 6th different drug, and still haven't found something that works, without unacceptable side effects. Now that the weather is nice, and there's more sun, I think the SAD is diminishing naturally, but my depression was so severe this past winter, that my doctor wants to find something to stabilize me for the upcoming fall/winter season.

Also, extreme heat is often an immediate trigger for my migraines. I often get them when I'm outside in August, picking raspberries, or blueberries.
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i don't know whats going on here in PA but the past 4 days my ankles and knees have been causing me excruciating pain, it sux. It has been humid the past few days so im thinking that's what it could be from, but this is definitely the worst flare up Ive ever had.

The extreme heat makes me very miserable.
Theres something i love about the cold winters, the wearing of really warm clothes to stay cozy, taking nice hot baths, layering the blankies and there's nothing like waking up to a pile of snow on the ground and being snowed in for the day

I love spring and i love fall, both have lots a beautiful days where the wether is not too hot, not too cold.

i hate rain more than anything, rainy days make me want to crawl right back in bed and call off work, and im also petrified of highway driving in the rain. The one time when i was coming back from a weekend trip in DC i was in a heavy rain and wind storm that didn't let up the whole ride home, i was shaking, near tears after almost being blown into the side of a tractor trailer, as soon as i got close enough home where i could take an alternate route home off the highway i did just that- i got off the crazy highway and took back roads all the way home, it may have took longer but it was either that or i was just going to get off the next exit and sit it out.

all in all tho, from living in PA all my life i truly enjoy the change of seasons, the only thing i would change if i could is i would cap the summers at 70. lol
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The pressure changes associated with rain and snow affects my arthritis and the pain makes me cranky.

I was never a fan of hot weather but these days higher temperatures don't bother me as much. Unless it makes me sweat. Sweating in any weather makes me cranky as well.
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Sudden pressure changes affects old injuries here but I'm one of those people that can't handle heat. I can actually sweat in 70 degree weather. I'm so use to taking cool showers and using ice packs that I'm use to cold. Winter would be great if it wasn't for the icy roads. The only time of year I really don't like is summer because I have to stay in the A/C. Storms are scary but rainy or just cloudy doesn't bother me at all, I like it. Sweating from being hot makes me miserable and cranky.
I think I should be living in Alaska
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It sometimes does.
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I love rainy days, cold days, cloudy days, freezing days, sunny days, moderately hot days ......... the only thing I dont like is hot hot days, getting exceptionally hot makes me irritable.
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Originally Posted by Pami View Post
... the only thing I dont like is hot hot days, getting exceptionally hot makes me irritable.
They make me extremely lightheaded or even pass out! I think I'm living in the wrong state sometimes. It's only 93F outside and it feels like walking into an oven.
Thankfully this doesn't bother me much because I can find plenty to do inside with AC.

Originally Posted by lil maggie View Post
I think I should be living in Alaska
How about all of us living in the south and midwest pack up and go north for the summer?
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Somewhat. If it's a rainy, dreary day, I tend to be more tired and don't want to do anything. It's a better day for me to just stay inside and do nothing.
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Originally Posted by strange_wings View Post
How about all of us living in the south and midwest pack up and go north for the summer?

If I had the money, I'd be migrating like a bird except doing the opposite! Here for winter, north for summer.
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No, different weather doesn't affect me really?.
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Sunshine and warm weather makes me happy but I love storms too. The only time it makes me miserable is when it`s grey and wet and cloudy for days on end
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I get seasonal affective disorder in the winter months, and I tend to be a bit grumpier when it is rainy/cloudy outside. I love it when it is warm and sunny. That is why we need to move to Texas. Not that it doesn't get rainy/cloudy there, but they don't have terrible winters like we do here.
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Sometimes. When it's hot and humid out I find myself being more irritable because it's so uncomfortable. When it's miserable dreary rain I'm feeling pretty lazy and blah.

But I'm usually only 100% good with my mood when its a nice 70-80ºF, sunny, with a nice breeze
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I prefer the cooler weather to the warmer weather. I'm kind of weird I like it when it's raining!
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