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RIP Pepper--my sweet turtle May 30, 2009

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On May 7, 2008 you came into my life--you arrived in a box via DHL and my life was forever changed that day. I had longed to own a box turtle since I was a kid--and when a sweet woman I'd met online offered to send you to me I was beyond thrilled--she said you were over 25 years old. I immediately began to prepare for your arrival. I built your outside enclosure and waited for you to come. You came right out of the box from your trip from New Jersey to Ohio head stretched out ready for a good head rub--and stole my heart. By the end of the summer I had added 3 more females and a male to my turtle herd, but you were still my #1. As we prepared for hibernation you were my sole concern--I just wanted to see you come up in the spring--and you were the first one I saw on that warm March day.

Yesterday, May 30, 2009--your human daddy held you as the vet helped you cross the bridge my sweet girl. You've been so sick and momma couldn't let you suffer anymore. You are now buried in your human grandpa's garden with a few other of my turtles and I know this morning you are soaking in a shallow pool of water pain free across the bridge. I love you sweet girl--be happy.

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Awww.... I am so sorry for your loss... RIP sweet Pepper
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Im really sorry you lost Pepper.
Rest In Peace Angel
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I'm so sorry for your loss. Rest in Peace Pepper.
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so sorry for your loss

RIP Pepper.
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I'm so sorry, Leslie You did what you could, she looks like she was a real sweetie
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Thanks everyone for your sympathies. I miss her so--and it seems the other females realize she is missing...

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RIP to Pepper...
don´t give up my friend!..
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