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Cat Wings?

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Interesting. My guess is either a hoax or the serious environmental problems in China have caused this:
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weird...very weird
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It's just matted fur, they aren't appendages.
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I've heard of it before, but you never see them on shorthair cats - only longhairs. So the "matted fur" may be something to suspect. I say its just a deformity - not even a mutation.
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What a pretty cat!
I have seen articles on winged cats, and nobody seems to know exactly what causes it. Wikipedia has a good entry about them. They have been reported for many years all over the world.
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The article appears to be removed now, but I have read about cats around the world that have supposedly been born with fur-covered wing-like appendages. I don't think they are considered "real" wings per se--they just resemble them. They may be just a genetic freak of nature, IMHO. (Or the pics I've seen have been faked?)
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Here's an interesting website about it:
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