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hi everyone!

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we are new here. and have questions already!
we got a cat just recently... seems to be pregnant. we are taking it to the vet next week. meanwhile, i was wondering if anyone knows whether diarrhea is a "side effect" of pregnancy or has to do with something else? it's been going on for a few days now... any help/advice is greatly appreciated!

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This is not a side affect of pregnancy and can kill your kitty. If the cat is pregnant it needs every bit of nutrition it can get. It may be because you have changed the food she is used to, this will cause tummy upset. I would gradually add kitten food to the food you are providing. I would make sure it is a premium brand like Science Diet, or Royal Canin. Cheap food often produce more waste products as the cat cannot digest most of it so you are throwing away money.

I would also buy Pediolite or other pediatric electrolite to add to her canned food. Make it into a gruel so it can be lapped up. This will replace vital water and minerals lost from diarrhea. It can be found in the baby isle in the grocery store.

The best way to check for pregnancy is to look at the nipples of the cat if they are a bright pink she is most likely preggers.
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Welcome to the site!

I'm going to move this to the Health & Nutrition Forum where our experts (like Teresa ) can help you.
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Hi and welcome to the site
I hope you will have fun here its great!:flash: Sorry I cannt help ya on youre question, But id like to say Welcome and Hi to you anyway
Love SiMbA'sMoM,
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Thanks for your welcome and advice! Daria seems to be doing better. We are feeding her IAMS for kitten and pregnant cats currently. I think we'll be having kittens any day now!
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Is the diarrhea gone? If not, please get the cat to the vet for a check-up.
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yeah, it's gone. we saw the doctor last saturday. he said she was all right
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That is good to hear! I love your board name by the way!

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Hi and welcome! You didn't say if she was preggo or not? How old is she?

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She is pregnant and the vet we took her to counted a couple of kittens at the least. We don't know how old she is exactly because she was a stray... She just followed us home She is either just under or just over a year.
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OMG, this sounds exactly like me!!! Angel I rescued last summer after being thrown out of a car window by some teenagers riding by. She was soooo thin and weak and scared. It took several months before she would let me really pet her and then after she started letting me along came the purring. She is still skiddish and doesn't like to be held very long but I also have 3 other cats so I can not devote quality time I should. BUT, now she is preggo. I haven't taken her to vet cause basically I really don't have the money. It has been years (and I mean years) since I have dealt with kittens and newborns. She has not stopped eating yet and I don't think she is producing milk yet but she is really getting big now. She is an outside/inside cat and I'm not sure when to actually bring her in and keep her in. I have a place set up for her in my son's closet and I also have extra litter box to put in there with her when the time comes.

How far along is yours?


Oh, if you wanna e-mail me you can chelms@artainc.org
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