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Good age for first bath?

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I would like my kittens to tolerate having baths once in a while...(say once every couple of months unless needed)

So I'm wondering at what age should I give them their first bath? They are 9wks old now.
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My babies here are almost 6 weeks old--and will be getting baths today probably. It seems we have some dirty kitten butts for some reason--somebody must have sat in their poo-- I dunno but I fear I'll be giving 5 kitten baths. I do plan to give baths to the kitten we are keeping once every 2 months if I can--he is going to be a long hair.

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Yes, my kitties like to step in their poo I found some on the floor yesterday, which was obviously stepped on and came out of the box with them. They don't fully cover their poo, so I think that is part of the prob.

I would like to bath them every 2mos too. I know they don't really need it, but I love how they smell and look after a bath. They are longhaired as well.

On that note, I think I'm going to go try to bath them now Its warm in the house, and they don't have near as much fur as Kizzy to dry so they should dry just with the towel. I have to dose them with advantage too, so I need to bathe them first.

i wish you luck with your bathing adventures today
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Thanks you too!

I have a vet visit for the one I'm keeping as well today so its a busy day here.

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We gave our little buddy his first bath because we had to, at 3 months old. We had just picked him up, and he wet himself in the cat carrier on the way home. It was the first and last time he ever had an accident outside of his litter box.

Actually, he really enjoyed the bath... he was coooool as a cucumber in the tub!
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One down LOL, one to go. I am NOT doing Kizzy today.
Pax did NOT like the bath, even scruffing him didn't help alot. Unfortunately he jumped and pushed my thumb of my surgery hand the wrong way.... owwie for me. I'm gonna have to put my brace on for the next one.

He is much cleaner now.... my goodness he has long fur.

Crossing my fingers that Kitchi likes it, or at least doesn't leap up onto my shoulder and dig his claws in.

(sidenote: pax was howling, and Kizzy was at the other side of the door meowing to be let in.... he was soooo concerned... it ws cute)
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I usually give 1st baths around 2-3 months old. Sometimes the sink works well (didn't for Charlie's 1st bath!); sometimes its easier in the tub - depends on the size.
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Make sure claws are trimmed down as short as you can possibly get them!

Start early, keep it frequent, and use something they like to make it more enjoyable - ie, scratch chin and face or back/above the tail. Sho doesn't like baths, but doesn't fuss either because he knows I'll give him a nice scrubbing.

I just got done bathing Sherman. An adult cat who very likely has never had a single bath in his life. He's normally a difficult cat to handle that tends to fuss and whine a lot. I was expecting a fight and didn't get one! He cried a little and just sat there looking confused.
So even if you're starting with an older cat, there may be some hope they'll tolerate bathing well... but don't forget the claws just in case.
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Thx for the suggestions.... I didn't even think about claws till after and I may try the sink next time. I use the sink for Kizzy if he gets poo stuck in his butt fur.

It was kinda funny...I did Pax first because he's the calm one, not the brute like Sox. Uggggg. He didn't really scratch me, but his whole 2lbs connected with my thumb the wrong way and I spent the next few hours in agony.

Sox OTH was not bad at all..... cried a bit, tried a couple times to get out...but that's it. No howling like I was killing him, on jumping up my arm or anything.

I think the sink is a good idea for next time...the tub is awfully big to a kitten I would think. I will definately get those nails trimmed tho...(have to get someone to help me because of my surgeried hand)
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I do claws as a routine, so sometimes forget to mentioned it. IMO its common sense.....
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