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i have a sick 5 week old kitten that my local PDSA wont see as we already have 3 cats registered with them.Hes not feeding got gunky eyes which im bathing regularly.Not asking for veterinary advice but want to make him comfortable.Pleasecan anyone suggest something else to try
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Syringe feed KMR for the won't eat issue. It'll help with nutrition and since it's liquid, prevent dehydration. My Peanut was 6 wks when she was found, I mixed KMR with canned kitten food & royal canin baby cat formula, she ate it right up after she figured out mommy's concoction really was food. for the eye issue
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You need to get that little one to the vet ASAP for starters. Little kitties can go downhill so very quickly, especially if they're not eating.

As the previous poster said, you need to syringe feed the KMR for the not eating issue. For the eyes, continue to wipe with a warm cloth. He's probably congested as well, so run a vaporizer where he's being kept 24/7. If you don't have a vaporizer, get the bathroom nice and steamy, take him in there and hold him on your lap until the steam dissipates. Maybe you can feed him while you're steaming him. But, he needs nutrition NOW!
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