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we will miss you captain jack

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as i sit here typing this out my children are trying to deal with the first loss of a beloved pet we lost captain jack to a urinary track blockage i took him to the vet this evening when i noticed that he was having trouble peeing and the vet said that hi bladder was just loaded with crystals and that the toxins were building up they could have tried to flush him out but there was no garentee that he wouldn't block up again because he had so many crystals so i made the desision to put him to sleep jack you will be missed by all those who loved you
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Oh, I am so sorry. Lots of for you and your kids.
RIP Captain Jack
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thanks for the huggs the kids ended up sleeping in my bed last night my daughter understands better than my son does he just keeps asking if jack will wake up. and every time he asks i tell him that jack isn't sick any more and that he is happier where his is at across the rainbow bridge with midnight and sandy
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I'm so sorry for your loss.

Rest in Peace, Captain Jack
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I'm so sorry for your loss. Rest in Peace Captain Jack.
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The poor baby, he was far too young to cross the bridge


Did you do a search in the health forum on crystals, because so many cats here have had them and they've easily been treated.
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i did i had another cat die from the same thing and jack couldn't stop throwing up and part of it was i couldn't afford $1200 vet bill and the vet said it might have been to late i figured i did what was best for him
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I apologize for my late condolences to your family on losing your precious Capt. Jack I haven't had much time to go to this site....
IMO, you did the most merciful thing and showed true love by releasing him from his suffering.....Your children & you will be in my thoughts and prayers. He was so young, so beautiful.....
Play happily over the Bridge, Capt. Jack
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I´m really so sorry for this un-repearable lost my friend.....
RIP to Captain Jack...
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Am sorry to hear about your Cpt Jack. Our first Oci (Charlie) had one time of UTI and has not blocked since. Its scary and heartbreaking to loss them over UTI's.

Rest assure that he's running free at Rainbow Bridge and no longer has to worry about UTI's. Our Oci kitten also carrys on the name - he's Cpt Jack Sparrow.
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