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"OMG!! I can see his "thing"!!

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These were the very words uttered by DW (my wife) several weeks ago but I have just now dared to post such a thing. It is without a doubt the funniest thing DW has ever said and in my three years on TCS I am sure it is the funniest thing I have ever posted.

Background: Persi is my tenth cat. My nine other cats were all females and all rescued cats. Persi is a pedigreed cat and they told me he was male and it says so on his papers. OK, I took that at gospel but I in no way attempted to prove it to myself. If you click on Persi's picture above you will see he has very long hair, especially on his underside. It is even much longer and fuller now. Although I had only had female cats in the past, I had had male dogs in the past before becoming a cat person (I still love dogs as I do all animals). Dogs are a no brainer as to their sex. Not so with cats, at least with me. I never had any idea whether a cat was a female or male.

Neither did DW. Her cats had also been exclusively females. She also could not tell a cat's gender as I suppose so many other's cannot. Especially if a male cat had never been around. (The reason we had both only had females in the past was due to the popular misconception that males would spray the house which has never once occured with Persi.)

Also if you click on Persi's picture above you will see he has a very peculiar way of sitting. This was not just a chance photo but the way he sits all the time.

I comb Persi every day and aforementioned, he has very thick hair on his underside so in almost three years I never noticed anything worth note although I was very careful combing in the area that I thought there must after all be "something".

And now to the story. DW and I were sitting in my office and Persi as always was sitting on the floor in his usual position. But this time he was leaned back even more than in the picture and there it was all of a sudden. I myself took a quick look and saw something I had not seen in three years.

It was a long time before the two of us could quit laughing. How naive had we been? (After all, there keep being cats, right?)

Now the question becomes: Is the reason he sits around like this because he is an exhibitionist? In that case, all that is missing is the trenchcoat.
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Persi sure has a very unique way of sitting, and I'm very glad you got to see his little treasure!! With all that fur, I'd say that was a once in a lifetime opportunity.
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LOVE the way Persi sits!! And I too assume that George is a boy - since that's what I was told. He also has a very very furry underside. Sometimes I call him Georgie, so I guess I'm covered "just in case"
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Thats hysterical! I doubt there are too many instances in life when you will ever here your SO say that.

My cat growing up was an exhibitionist of sorts. He was always "ahem" grooming himself. He had plutd often throughout his life and the vet said he "ahem" groomed himself because of this issue. I have also heard it is a comfort thing for some cats having been taken away from their momma too early.

Now Rocko my newest boy kitty is doing this. Luckily no PLUTD'S. But it can be disconcerting to see for sure. Fortunately he is fluffy enough that I don't get the peep show too often.

That is one reason why I won't get a male dog. I just cannot stomach it on a regular basis.
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Sounds like Persi is a bit of an exebishonist!

Will he be appearing in the next issue of Playcat?
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