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Major escape attempt thwarted!

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Because I live in a large concrete jungle with a large feral population, Aya is an indoor only kitty. Unfortunately I live in a small studio apartment. While spaying has reduced her need to see the great outdoors, occassionally she still feels the need for some adventure in her life.

When I went out to hang my wet laundry on the balcony she scurried out and very quickly jumped up on the wall and down onto the space between the typhoon bars and the window ledge out of my reach. 2 stories off the ground over a concrete slab that I have no outside access to.

The neighbors' yorkie was out and saw her and set up barking at her. She froze (has never had a dog encounter before) where I couldn't reach her on the window ledge.

10 minutes of frantic window opening, treat offering etc... before I finally lured her back onto the balcony where I could get her! -yipes!
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Nova's been hovering by the door lately. We were worried she was going to try to run out. I thought she might just be curious since we don't have a window or screen door on that side.

One time, she was in the way when we tried to close the door. My SO, frustrated said, "OK, Nova. Do you want to go outside?" He opened the door, picked her up and pretended he was going to set her down outside. Nova's eyes got wide, she let out a little mew, and tried to back up into the apartment. She doesn't hover by the door anymore.

Hopefully, your Aya will remember her scary adventure and not try to run out anymore either!
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That must have been so scary! For the both of you! I live in an apartment building that allows me to feel okay if they get into the hall because the downstairs door is always shut. Fiona is especially slippery but she fortuantely lets me grab her, I just think she likes to see if she CAN get our but doesn't necessarily care to BE out.

I really would freak out if my babies got outside and I wasn't able to get to them right away. AHHHHHH!!!!!
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Oh dear! Thank heaven you were able to get her back in! Silly kitty. My heart sped up just thinking of the panic you must have been in, and I shudder to think of the alternatives.
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