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Been busy lately!

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We added a new member to our family.

We're calling it "The Baby Blue Whale." For several reasons!

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Awesome! I love the pic on the back!
Where is the first place you go with it going to be?
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Wow! Looks like fun! Please tell us of you first adventure with it!
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Oh how exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's so cute! I can't tell - is it 28 feet or 32 feet?

Mike, you may or may not know (or remember) that Gary and I were on the road full time for 10 years. If you want RV park recommendations in any State but some of the ones in the middle, PLEASE do not hesitate to ask!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You may want to take a look at

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Wow! Congratulations! I hope the birth wasn`t painful
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We've already been on one little trip, up to our house in Arkansas. Keep in mind our "house" up there is really a cabin, up in the woods.

I noticed on the way up that our voltage gauge looked kind of low, and kept getting lower. We got it parked up by our house when the voltage got too low to run. You don't know panic until you realize you are over a mile up a dirt road from the nearest paved road, it's Sunday afternoon, the next day is a holiday, and you're supposed to be to work the next evening 300 miles away!

I took the alternator off, a real trick since you have to do the work from the top of the "doghouse" inside the motor home. I got it to the auto parts store as soon as it opened, and they tested it, found it bad, and said they didn't have one in stock, but there was one up in Fort Smith, an hour north. My brother, who lives in our house, drove me up and we got the part. I got it installed, but by that time, dispatch was worried I wouldn't be rested enough to work all night.

The cats, especially Ella, definitely did NOT like it!

Oh, and it's called a 24-footer, although it's actually 26 feet long. It's kind of an odd-ball. It doesn't have a separate bedroom; the bed lowers electrically down from the ceiling. This makes it possible to have a much larger living area, for its short size.
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So, when is the TCS BBQ by the lake to inaugurate this beauty??
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I hope you have lots fo fun adventures in your blue baby, hopefully without any more engine truble!
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Very nice.... I hope you and Dottie have lots of fun adventures in it
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Mike, our kitties hated traveling at first too. The trick was giving them a place to hide in the back while driving. Once they got used to it, they'd all come out for water when we stopped for gas, and by the time we were on our way back on the first trip with them (from northern NJ to Brunswick, GA), Flowerbelle and Spooky were out and about for basically the whole trip home - Spooky in my lap, and Flowerbelle up in the front window.

Did you buy a tow dolly for a car (or a flat tow), or do you not plan on driving anywhere once you get somewhere?

Glad you got that alternator worked out! Our alternator is actually in the front passenger side compartment. The real PIA is changing the spark plugs - the engine access is under that hump, and one of them is nearly impossible to get to.

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You are not going to believe this.

Well, maybe you will.

I got my license plates for the motor home today. The first 3 letters on them are...

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NO WAY! Seriously? That's awesome!!
You're a moving advertisement!!
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Originally Posted by mrblanche View Post
You are not going to believe this.

Well, maybe you will.

I got my license plates for the motor home today. The first 3 letters on them are...

That's great! LOL! It looks like a lot of fun. We tossed around getting a motor home or trailer. We decided on the trailer. We'd used a cabover for a long time, and while that was limited side trips. So we got the trailer, as we didn't have a small enough car to tow. I love the idea that the bed comes down, very cool!
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Can we borrow it for our honeymoon?
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Wow! That looks so awesome!
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"TCS" - That is AWESOME!

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