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Had To Brag a Little

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The group I work with, Animal Friends Foundation, was just named "Shelter of the Week" by the SPCA International! I am so excited, I can hardly type.

Our main mission is low-to-no cost spaying and neutering but we also have members who foster, rescue, recuperate and generally help saves lives.

Here's the link to the newsletter. The house the little white kitty is coming out of is one of the ones I make for our caregivers. I recently completed my 75th house!

The caregiver for the white kitty has spayed/neutered almost 40 cats and feeds and shelters them, in spite of his own battle with cancer. That's what I love most about animal lovers - how compassionate they are.

Note to moderator - move this as you see fit.
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Great work. Congratulations!
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That deserves some bragging!

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That is just awesome!!!

Do you have some pictures of the houses that you make? The pic in the newsletter showed the front, but I'd love to see the whole house. They look very cool!
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Thanks, everyone.

Momofmany: attached is a picture. I stole the basic idea from the internet but added the length of PVC pipe as an entryway. It keeps rain out of the house.

The house uses two Rubbermaid totes - one a 36 gallon with a latching lid and the inside one is the 18 gallon Roughneck tote. I insulate with 1" sheet Styrofoam on the top and bottom and Styrofoam nuggies poured into the sides. I anchor the pipe with spray foam and then top off the nuggies with a layer of spray foam, too. (Keeps them from blowing out when you lift the lid. Once the inner tote is filled with straw, it is snug and warm.

The hardest part for me has been finding the 36 gallon totes. Rubbermaid keeps changing the design. They have to be 20" tall to accommodate the two pieces of sheet foam and inner tote. Overall dimensions outside are 30'" long by 20" tall by 20" wide.

I am thinking about painting them camoflage for some of our caregivers. The blue can stick out when you're trying to keep your colony on the QT.
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Those are cool!!!

I stumbled across this online site when I started my Auntie Em business (I buy my small ziplock baggies for catnip from them) and they sell some plastic bins for less than what you would find in a store. Some of the items have bulk purchase discounts on top of it. I don't know where you purchase your supplies for these, but you might want to take a look.
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