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hiding cat

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We just brought a four-year-old male simese cat named Nippy into our home. He is my grandfather's--who just moved in with us as well--cat. Nippy was very attached to my grandmother who died six months ago and has never really been in a household with more than two people. We also have a black lab and a 14-year-old grey female cat. The cats don't seem to mind each other, but Nippy does not like the sight of the dog so we try to keep them out of sight of each other.

Given all this--the move, loss of a loved one, and new and noisy environment--it is understandable that Nippy is under a lot of anxiety and stress and the way he is showing it is hiding ALL DAY LONG under the bed. He has been under the bed for 5 days now and does not eat or drink--at least not during the day. We have tried to bring food, tuna, treats, ham, ect. to him, but he won't bite. I have also spent at least 15 minutes a day on the floor talking to him and trying to coax him out--no dice. And to get the animals used to each other we have rubbed each with a rag and let everyone smell everyone else that way.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I should do to get him to at least come out from under the bed to eat or to socialize a bit? Could there be something more the matter with him?
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I presume he is getting out at least at nigh, eating, drinking and visiting the litter?

If so, it is perhaps not everything good, but it is OK. It will be better with time, a lot of patience and you keeping on working on.

If not, it is probably necessary to forcefeed him, also forcewatering him... Consult also a vet...
but lets hope it is not so.

Let him come out in his own speed, dont rush matters too much.

A Feliway diffuser should be useful, lessening his anxiety and stress you talk about.

Cuddle also and interact with the other cat where he can see you - setting a positive example, so he sees yours is a cat-friendly house.

Try perhaps to make some extra hiding places for him. (but let him have his old hiding place - it is his safety zone).

When it is time to introduce him with the dog - order the dog to lie down, so he can search of the dog in his own speed.

good luck!
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He at least drinks water at night because I did see he used his litter today. Thanks for the reply.
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5 days is IMO a short time for a cat with Nippy's history to get used to a new place. What you are doing to help him adapt is very good. You can also ask your grandfather to help since Nippy lived with him most of his life.
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He needs, I think, a "safe place." He needs his own room, such as a bathroom or something, where he can feel safe. This isn't a permanent situation, but just one where he can begin to adjust without the constant stress he's experiencing.
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