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Should I be concerned?

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Snowball will be 12 years old this September. For the past couple of weeks, I have been noticing that jumping seems to be getting slightly more difficult for him and he is also slightly more awkward when he does jump. Everything else (eating, drinking, level of activity, general behavior and using the litter box) is normal. His next regular veterinary exam will probably be sometime this month. Is this recent awkwardness normal for a cat Snowball's age, or does it indicate a problem is starting to develop?
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I would keep the vet appointment and tell your vet of your concerns. Depending on how active Snowball was in his early life, he could be getting arthritis now. He is going to slow down to some extent- but there are medications to help him out, both from your vet and also through some of the holistic sites on the Internet.
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After having the vet do a good exam, I would talk to them about Cosequin for cats. The only reason I mention this particular suppliment, is because I have seen it work wonders for cats with stiff joints. It's used every day and can take a few weeks to see effects.
Because 12 is considered geriatric, I would also mention some bloodwork. When they get a little older, it's a good idea to check and catch anything before it becomes a real problem.
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Yes, Snowball will be having some bloodwork done when I take him in for his exam.

Thanks for the helpful replies!
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There was an article on arthritis in a recent "Cat Fancy" issue - April or May, I believe. What was described there sounds like Snowball. She may need some help getting up on windowsills, beds, etc.. We used hassocks for a former cat who lived to 16. He was a bit stiff for 3 or 4 years, and appreciated shorther jumps. A heat lamp also helped - we had him lie under it about 30 minutes every day.
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