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I got a scaredy cat, Please help!

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About 2 days ago my cat maverick became scared of my room, well my floor. He wont come in my room, sometime he'll try but he will only come in half way threw the cat door, gets to scared and backs up, And the rare time he does come in he jumps and every little sound, and one time he attacked a belt i had on the floor. I Can bring him into my room and put him on my book case or something and he'll be better, not as jump but still freaked out and wont go on the ground, he was even fine enough to sleep on my book case for a few hours and when he wanted down he sat on the very edge and meowed at me, and i had troubles getting him down since every time i picked him up he would freak out and jump out of my arms. I don't know why hes doing this, and the flooring all threw the house is exactly the same, he just wont pass the opening to my room. I have another cat , and shes completely fine. Now Maverick just sits in front of my door meowing at me. Its sorta important that maverick can go threw my room since theres a cat door leading outside to a Pen for the cats and the litter box is out there, and i can put him near the cat door and he'll run out but he wont come back in my room.
Does anyone know whats wrong with him, or has this happened to your cat and went away?
Im starting to get worried about him.
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If Maverick's behavior is normal when he's outside, and normal in every other area of your house, it's possible something happened in your room that really scared him. BUT if he's been acting differently in general for the last couple of days you need to get him to a vet to make sure he's not sick or in pain. I hope this makes sense.
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It sure sounds like something spooked him when he was in your room, and in particular when he was on the floor in your room. It could be something as innocent as he bit a bug and was stung, got frightened by a vacuum cleaner, or something fell on him. If that is all it is, then he will probably forget about it in a few days and be back to normal. Keep a very close eye on him to make sure you don't see any health issues.

If it continues, you might want to talk to your vet, possibly get some Feliway comfort plug-ins, and shampoo the carpet (remove any smell of the carpet incident).
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Just checking in - how is he doing today?
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Hi sorry i havent updated. Iv been away from home for about 2 weeks and is currently still away, but from what i here he's better now. befor i left he would go threw my room to get outside and would be sort of ok with it. Im glad hes better now and that it doesnt happen again
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I just saw this.
Cats become spooked by the strangest of things, the floor being one on them. There is an lolcat, dont have the link , sorry, from Icanhascheezeburger, that is hovering above the floor, all four footies up in the air, (caught in mid jump) with the caption "The flooor iz made of lava!"
So I would not worry.
I would buy some throw carpets, let the cat smell them and do a roll around on them,get to know them, then put them in the room with the the offending floor.
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