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I had the pleasure...

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of meeting Christy Smith from Survivor, Amazon.

I found her to be a really nice woman, nicer than she seemed on tv. Very friendly.

She was in Washington DC to speak at a graduation of her old high school and she was more than happy to pose with me.
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Wow. What a coincidence! Jan Gentry, who was a Survivor finalist, is a teacher here in Tampa. My principal told me just yesterday that she spoke at the joint principals' end of the year luncheon and was a pretty amazing lady.

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That is so cool both of you!
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It was interesting what she had to say - she never wanted to go on Survivor - her dad convinced her to apply. Out of 60,000 applicants she was one of the lucky ones.
Im glad I had the chance to meet her.
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She didn't seem to have a good time (on tv) did you ask her if she did?
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I didnt get to talk much with her, but she said some of the people were really nice while some others weren't. I wonder who. She also said, there were a lot of bad experiences but when she looks back, it enriched her. And so all in all, it must have been good. They did warn her that hair will fall out, you would lose weight, etc. She told the kids at the graduation 4 words are important in life and they made sense. Lets see if I can remember them:


She didnt know who she was - had no idea of her identity, as she was not around many deaf people. Then her parents decided to send her to Model Secondary School for the Deaf - which is on the same campus as Gallaudet - and thats where she learned more about herself and became the person that she is now. I was really impressed with her attitude and she is likeable.
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OH Kellye! That would be so cool! The pic looks great!! It's too bad you didn't get much time to chat with her...it'd be interesting to see what she'd say.
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Wow, your lucky to have met her Kellye! Good photo of the two of you!

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Ok,. I don't watch this show yall..which one who? That is cool though that you got to meet her!
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