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Smelly Urine

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Over the last couple of days I had noticed this terrible smell in the apartment that was actually coming from the litter box. I thought that maybe the litter was just dirty (we use the clumping kind) so I changed the litter. However, Bubba went to use the litter pan and the smell was back, I guess it is in the urine. I have never had this happen before, and it is smelling up the whole appartment. He is acting normal, eating normal, so I am puzzled. I thought maybe an infection, any ideas???
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If he is neutered, you should get him to a vet. It sounds like a possible UTI brewing.
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Bubbas Mom;

The most common causes in a change in the odor of a neutered cat's urine are diet and urinary tract infections (cystitis). However, diabetes, hyperthyroidism and other hormone disorders, impaction of the anal sacs, inflammatory bowel disease, kidney disease, excessive heat and anything else that may cause Bubba to become dehydrated.

Does he visit the litter pan frequently? Is he urinating outside the litter box? Does he seem to drink a lot or more frequently or has he begun shedding more than usual? Does he have increased dander and an oily coat? Are his tail and lower back greasy? Does someone in your house feed him treats or can he get into the garbage? Is the odor accompanied by a darker color urine? Orangish urine generally indicates blood and can be serious.

A good idea would be to see your veterinarian with a urine sample in hand. I have had luck obtaining urine samples by just covering the bottom of the litter pan with a layer of litter one granual thick. The tub bottom clearly visable. You can tip the urine out of one corner into a small (disposable) tub with a minimum of clay detrious.

Best of luck.
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I just came back from the vet who told me that because Bubba seems to be acting normal that it could just be a change in hormones, or maybe he is just not getting enough water. SHe told me to buy him some canned food and mix that with a little water to make sure he is getting enough. If that doesn't change it in a week then they will have to do a urine analysis. Hopefully that will work, but I have my doubts...seems too simple. I took in a sample of the litter and she said she didn't smell anything unusual (lrt me tell you I do when I walk into my appartment). I guess I'll just see what happens.
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