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Question of the Day May 30th

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Morning All!!!

Today's question has to do with kids:

I know many members, have children, and several have it time to be those doting parents and grandparents and do a little bragging.

Who has kids, how many, and please include grandchildren as well?

I don't have any children but do have several nieces and nephews whom I spend a fair amount of time with. Guess that's how I flex my parenting skills.
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No kids yet. Have really bad 'baby fever,' but won't be able to cure that over 2 years. I do have 2 cousins, who I love to death and try to see as much as I can. They live in Connecticut, so it's quite difficult. FH also has 2 nieces and 1 nephew that we try to see, but they live in Connecticut as well. He also has 2 cousins, but they live 3 hours away in Vermont.
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No kids for me, but I do have three gorgeous nephews who I'm really proud of! They live about 15,000kms away so I don't get to see them growing up.
I have a lovely "niece and nephew" (my best friend's children) and they're growing up fast too and so smart.
My DH has 4 neices, two of whom are still children, and we get to see them as they live not far from here.
Most of my friends have children now so we spend time around kids a fair bit.
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no kids, and dont want any! lol

but i have a 10yr old 2nd cousin in Montana, and when he comes to visit, me and mark absolutely enjoy every minute of it, and what makes it more cute is he absolutely loves mark and they are like best buddies, and they even keep in contact by phone all year round. marks considered "big brother".

then there's my "kid". my best friends daughter Abby, Ive known her since she was born and we usually try and hang out every other weekend. She just turned 13, and its so fun going to the mall together and its so cute cause we will see the boys her age starting to notice her and we talk about boys and stuff...its so cute, i guess im kinda like "big sister" to her.
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I have a beautiful 19 y/o daughter. I have 11 nieces and nephews, and 9 1/2 great nieces and nephews (baby Henry won't be here until August).
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No 2 legged kids here, but lots of nieces and nephews, and about 5 great nieces and nephews. We've also become aunts/uncles to the 2 girls that live across the street. The eldest just graduated from college and she invited her family and us to her graduation. So we're clearly family members. Since we live so far from our families, the neighbors have become our adoptive family.
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No kiddos yet my friend........
Just 2 lovely Fur-balls!..
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I have 3 a daughter 18 graduating in two weeks. a son 12 and a daughter 5. All adopted . I would like one more but Jim says he's done.
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I have 2 daughters, almost exactly 4yrs apart.

Kendra will be 13 on July 20 and Kayleigh will be 9 on July 7
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I have one son, he is 10 1/2.

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One stepson, about to be 36, and childless. Also seven nieces, one nephew, who have produced among them, six great nieces and six great nephews, and two great great nieces. Not that I get to see most of them very often, but doing the head count is fun... For a few months, while my Dad was still alive, we had five generations.
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No kids and don't want any.

I have 2 nephews and 1 on the way.
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No kids YET but I also have baby fever really bad. We are waiting for a few more years and by then I will be insane!!

No nieces or nephews yet. Trav's sister is getting married in July so probably a few more years for that and my sister is going through fertility treatments so hopefully soon
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I have two daughters 22 and 21, one grandson, 3 step grandsons, 3 nieces and one great-nephew. I had one granddaughter, but sadly we lost her to SIDS when she was three months old.
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No children here either and I'm hoping it will stay that way for at least 5 years!
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