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Hit my cat, I'll hit your kid!

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This lady's cat was killed in the street in front of her house. She's trying a shock method of slowing down traffic:

A better idea might be to maybe keep them indoors or in an enclosure?
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Wow, that's a really busy street she lives on. Why in the world would you let your cats out onto that street?
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I dunno, I think that lady has some issues.

Personally, I think anyone who lets their cats outside, allowed to walk in a bike lane on the road, etc. is nuts and risking their pets lives.

Why not let them in your backyard? In a fenced in area? On a leash???

I'm sorry, but I'm not surprised that an animal got killed on that road.... any road, it is incredibly hard for a driver to stop when an animal darts out in front....doesn't matter what speed your going. It's very difficult to see a small animal on the sidelines, or even in the middle of the road sometimes...depending on what vehicle you drive.
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And how does she expects the cat to walk only on the bike lane??
She need to keep her cats inside... She should have learned a lesson, and instead of going out with signs that can be seen as extremist, take her cats inside and protect what she loves so much.
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I'm pretty sure in another article it said that she feeds strays and ferals, but maybe I'm not remembering correctly.
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I know the area and have been on that street.
People do drive fast there.
This is in Lodi wich I go to alot.
She does feed ferals and strays but she also lets her cats out which she should not do.
She has changed the sign also.
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Originally Posted by carolinalima View Post
And how does she expects the cat to walk only on the bike lane??
That's what i was wondering?!

A busy road like that, it's not rocket science that you should keep your cats inside
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I didn't watch the first link, just read the second. It said the cat was hit and killed in the bike lane. Unfortunately, there are people out there who do swerve in order to hit and kill animals and particularly cats. That being the case, I agree...why does she allow her cats out by a heavily traveled road? But if they are a feral colony she cares for, that is entirely different. Not that it makes a difference to her feelings for them, but it is different in why they were out there in the first place.

And I gotta say, too, that people drive fast everywhere. Yes, 65 in a 35 is excessive especially if it's a common occurrence. Tell the cops and have them set up a speed trap. Make some coin for the city, and if it's done a few times people will slow down. Theoretically the "speed limit" in our parking lots is 10 mph, but it's not uncommon for people to speed through the lots way faster than that. The speed limit by our house is 35, but people definitely speed up faster than that. People take speed limits as recommendations all too often.
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