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Sat. May 30: Daily "whatcha doin" thread

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Good morning folks

I was up at 5am this morn because my DD is off to Niagra Falls for her year end cadet trip. I hope she has a blast. I think she's doing the tour we did (me and DH) one year.... she gets to go behind the falls, visit the chocolate factory (YUM...they have some awesome fudge... every different kind you can imagine)etc.

So she's off...she'll be back tomorrow evening.

I was going to go back to bed, but decided not to. I have a dr. appt at 9:15am.

My neck hurts today, pretty awful. I slept wrong earlier in the week and my neck/back/shoulder were sore for 2 days... it was easing up yesterday untill DH decided to play with me He pulled me off my computer chair (which is quite heavy, high back, made for my back injury) and as my butt hit the floor, the back of the chair came too, connecting with my head. OUCH.

Yah, he felt pretty bad with this one LOL.... As he should. Guess what he's gonna be doing? Massaging

anyways, the weather reports were conflicting for today.... some said rain, some said nice sunny day.... If it is indeed a nice sunny day, we'll do some yardwork. I have one garden we have to finish putting rock around.... and just some general stuffs around the house.

We also have to get any heavy stuff done around the house, as my DH (insert grumble, swear words) is going to California on Sunday night and will be back on Thurs night.

Hope everyone has a great day.
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It's 5:30am here. I've been up since 5am. I figured I'd get my laundry folded before I leave for work at 7am. I'm back home about 4:30pm and I know I'll be too tired. My goal for after work? Put my laundry away and put on the dishwasher and then veg with a few movies that I brought home from work.
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Morning everyone!

Working 8-12 today, then coming home. Did the grocery shopping yesterday, so I don't have to do it today. Coming home to workout, then clean the apartment. That's about it. I love weekends where I do nothing.

Have a good one!
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Up at 5:00 because my furry babies were hungry. I normally get up at 5:00 to go to work, these guys are creatures of habit. Half the time I don't think they are hungry its just routine. Clean the house. Shop for groceries then tonight go to the movies with my sisters to see Night at the Museum.
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Looks like today is the day for early rising! The girls awakened me about 4 am to be fed. I've been going strong ever since. I've gotten the kitchen cleaned and two batches of laundry done already, and it isn't even 8 am yet!

Now I'm in the middle of cleaning out the junk drawer in the kitchen. Holy Mister!!! I'm sure it hasn't been cleaned for at least 10 years...Yikes! I got cheesed off when I couldn't close it, even after juggling the drawer around, and trying to shift the crap inside. I had to take a break though...leaning over the drawer is killing my back, and it's way too heavy to pull out of the cabinet and work on the floor. Whew!
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I'm off to rehearse with my choir for two hours. It's a 3 hour rehearsal for a special event next week, but I have to leave an hour early, because then I'm off to a Mets game!!! WOOHOO!!

Beautiful day here in NYC.....perfect for baseball!
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Gee - I slept in until 6:45 when the dogs woke up and had to go pee. Nothing like 4 jingling collars to wake you up in the morning (our 3 dogs plus a neighbor's dog that visits us on a regular basis). Then I did the morning feeding ritual (11 cats and 4 dogs). I'm still on my first diet coke (no coffee for me) so not quite awake yet.

Today is supposed to be 90. We have a solar cover on our pool and I think the water temp is already up to 85. We'll be swimming later today.

But in the mean time it's normal Saturday chores: stop at vet for cat food, grocery shop, laundry, vacuum, litter, and if I feel really ambitious will weed out one of the garden beds and lay fresh mulch there. I've been working too hard and am only going to do the bare essentials.
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Slept a little later than usual. Now we have to get ready to take the hot rod up to a little church gathering for one of our members.
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Morning All!!

Sunny here right now but they are calling for severe thunderstorms this evening.

Nothing much planned for today, my knee is a little on the sore side so I guess some R&R and a ice pack will be included. The damp weather of the last few days has worked it's black magic on the old joints once again.

We may make it a kitty spa day, with brushies, and nail clippies and maybe a bath for Sassy.

Everyone have a good one
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It's nice day here, perfect for slowly sipping a half dozen cups of tea while perusing TCS.
Tonight I'm taking hubby out on a date! We don't seem to go out much so I'm actually quite excited. Dinner and a movie - finally going to see the new Star Trek movie!

Have a good day everyone!
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I flew back into town late last night and didn't get home until after 1 AM last night. Even though I had been up for 24 hours straight, I was pretty wired when I got home because of the jet lag, so I took a little time to unpack and play with the kitties last night. Thanks to some Tylenol PM, I slept great and it was very pleasant to wake up to a bunch of furry faces this morning.

For today, I'm going to go see my parents, do my laundry, and start getting everything ready for my Summer classes which start on Monday. I'm also going to be downloading the pictures I took on my trip and playing with the kitties.
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I picked up my storage space keys Wednesday, so I'm working on pakcing up as much of the 'excess' stuff in my apartment to take over there. I'll be moving into a small apt. this summer, and while I think I can get everything in there, I just can't have it all sitting in the middle of the space while I'm trying to get shelving set up to organize it all. So, today, and the next few weeks, is a 'stuffing fabric into containers' time. Some of it's heavy fabric, so cardboard isn't holding well.

It's a nice day out, so i'll probably open up all the windows, crank up the music and do some cleaning and fabric sorting. I might even take them over there today... who knows.

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Originally Posted by pushylady View Post
.......Tonight I'm taking hubby out on a date! We don't seem to go out much so I'm actually quite excited. Dinner and a movie - finally going to see the new Star Trek movie!
We did that last weekend. Rob actually had to convince that I would like the Star Trek movie, but I didn't first believe him. After seeing the movie, I'm a fan! It's a really fun, entertaining movie. Enjoy!
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Good Afternoon!!

My desktop is still out of commission so I on the laptop. My computer guy thought it was fixed but it started doing the same thing. Good this is he can pull all the data off my hard drive so I shouldn't lose anything. Bad thing is I cannot invoice anyone-grrr....

I was still a bit stiff this morning but getting better as the day progresses.

This morning we took a trip to an area nursery that sells unusual plants and I bought $171 worth (draining checking account even further)

We have a birthday party this evening for our 30 yr old nephews. Neil turned on the lathe a couple of maple burl shot glasses that they should be able to drink from. We went to Goodwill and picked up a few toys for them as gag gifts too.

Mom and dad are coming for the week tomorrow-better pick up the house!
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