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My cats eyes look wierd

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Ive been having some issues with cali, agression and such, and Ive been noticing her eyes look a little off, Im going to post a pic so Everyone can tell me if this is normal. Is it just her hormones (she just had kittens) or is something wrong with her? I understand cats eyes look like this to see in the dark right? Well this picture was taken in a fully lit room. and even when she walks out into daylight they still look like this.

P.S The first pic is what they used to look like a couple weeks ago the second was just taken a few minutes ago

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That is how my Cocos eyes used to look before she was put on blood presure medicines.
Have her checked for high bp.
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Cali is very cute! My cat's eyes only look like this when they are about to hunt or pounce on a moving object as if they are in stealth mode. I would definitely ask a vet for more advice.
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What a sweet little face!! I'd definitely have a good, thorough check up by the vet to get to the root of the problem. If she's not feeling well and has a bp (or other) problem, then that might explain the aggression and behavior problems.
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If his eyes are like that all the time, he is likely blind. However, it looks like the photo was taken in low light, so it's hard to say if there is a problem. High blood pressure can cause such a problem, as can diabetes. It the pupils are always that wide open, he needs a vet immediately.
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For humans, pupils dilate when there's pain. I don't know if that's true for cats.

I would be worried if Nova's pupils were always dilated.
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I agree. McKenzie's (my old girl that passed away) had dilated pupils when she was really ill. I'm not saying your girl is, but I would definitely get it checked out . You are a really great Mom to be so observant I hope that she's fine.
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Peanut's pupils are smaller (alot of iris) than that even in moderately low light (ambient late afternoon & overcast sunlight right now), but that picture does look kind of dark. Her eyes only get like that in REALLY low light or if she's fixin to get into trouble by pouncing something she shouldn't. Def. get a check up.
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My cat's eyes look like that when she sees her favourite toy, or when she thinks I MIGHT get out her favourite toy. If they are like that permanently, then I would think a vet visit would be in order.
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one of my cats, a tortie, had the opposite problem a few months ago. one of her eyes dilated the normal way, the other wouldn't dilate at all. this of course was on a saturday afternoon so we took her to the emergency vet andshe said it was a knock on the head and after a week her eyes were normal again.
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The first picture looks normal, the second one does look like it`s taken in low light and she looks quite cross and their pupils do dilate when they get angry.

If they were that dilated all the time and in bright light when she wasn`t annoyed or angry I`d be concerened. I think you should get her looked at if that`s the case.
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