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RIP Zippers

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Rest in peace, dear little Zippers.

Goodbye to that orange ball of fluff that zipped around the house, and attacked all things zippered. No bookbag or jacket was safe.
A kiss for the kitten that healed my heart, who needed me and made me whole after I swore I'd never own another cat after Soot died.
Farewell that striped demon who took showers with my husband and I, who tried to eat the soap, and left orange hairballs in the drain.
A hug for my Zippers, who though he was a dog. Who begged to go for car rides, hanging his head out the window, and played fetch.

Have fun, my bottle fed orphan, who only had a year of life. Roam the hills near the rainbow bridge, and wait for me, because I'll look for you there.

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Rest in peace orange ball of fluff. Orange balls of fluff are my favorite color.
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What a nice tribute! Rest in Peace Zippers.
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RIP Zippers I'm sorry for your loss
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Iร‚ยดm really so sorry for this loss...
RIP to Zippers...
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Awww RIP Zippers!
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Beautiful tribute to a beautiful angel.
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Your beautiful tribute brought tears to my eyes....Condolences on losing such a precious boy Such a short time here on earth....some lives seem to be destined to be like a falling star or a brilliant firework...they light up our lives in a magnanimous way, and then, too suddenly, the light goes out.....
Play happily over RB, dear little Zippers....get lots of cuddles & scritches from our dear departed HopeHacker...she'll take care of you until you are reunited with your earth family again, this time forever
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What a lovely tribute. I'm sorry you had him for such a short time. Zippers sounded like such a wonderful cat.

Rest in Peace, Zippers
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