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Princess buttercup might be deaf

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Well Buttercup has been with us for a couple of days And Ive noticed that she does not startle at any loud noises. So I decided to test my theory on her possibly being deaf. I put her on the floor and let her play and then snuck up behind her and went SSSSSSSSSSSSSSS kinda like a cat hissing, nothing, no reaction what so ever. Then I tried it again by clapping, once again nothing. So my husband distracted her and I snapped my fingers next to her ears, once again no reaction, not even her ear moving to the sound. Is this a pretty good indication that she can't hear? If it is, what are some tips on training her? when Cali was young and did something bad I would clap loudly and say "no,no!". If a cat can't hear how do you teach them that what they are doing is wrong? Any advice from people who have deaf cats would be awesome.
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What color is she?
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How old is Buttercup? I really don't have to reprimand Clyde because he was about 8 when we got him. But i do get his attention by stomping on the floor (2 times for food, 3 times for anything else) or flicking lights on and off. They are quite sensitive to vibrations. Sometimes when Clyde gets locked in a room, he can tell when someone is walking upstairs and sets up a racket to be rescued!
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Buttercup is a calico and she is 6 weeks old. she is getting into cords and biting (You know how kittens are) I don't know how to tell her that stuff is unacceptable. Ive started tapping her on the nose but she just pounces my hand. Here is a pic of her

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I would have your vet check to determine if she is deaf or not. Sometimes kittens at that age can just be doesn't happen often, but I had one of a litter of 4 who didn't acknowledge me at all until after 8 weeks of age.
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well the thing that worries me is not the unresponsiveness to me its the unresponsiveness in general. After I wrote this I took two metal bowls and banged them together about 5 feet above her head while she was eating, Nothing, no ear twitch, no startle, nothing. Thats not normal even for a kitten. It wasn't until she saw me in her perifreal (sp?) that she looked up. I am going to be taking her to the vet on monday but Im pretty sure he's going to tell me what I already know.
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It does sound like that. Can you get some bitter apple stuff for the cords? It's going to be a bit difficult to get her trained up early on, you know kittens! But she's very cute!!!
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She is adorable!! With Keller everything is visual. I shake my finger at her when she is doing something I don't like. If I need to get her attention first I stomp. She also know that when I rub my fingers and thumb together I want her to come for some love...or anything else. She pays a lot of attention to visual cues but your little girl may need to grow up first. Good luck!
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