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Arthritis help

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My older cat, Prissy, is around 10 years old, and even though she has never been overweight in her life, she's having some joint pain and stiffness. It really hurts me to see her consider whether the treat I'm offering her is worth the pain of jumping down off the back of the recliner. And she does this often. Even when I'm sitting, she'll sit at my feet and do her little silent meow to ask me to pick her up, rather than just jumping up.

I've gotten a kitty heating pad and she loves to sit on it and stare out the window, or just curl up and sleep on it. I've gotten a set of steps for the one bed in the house that's more than a foot and a half from the floor (I have low set platform beds) and another set for the bedroom window so she can lay in the sill. I've tried the joint supplement pastes that are supposed to help, but they don't seem to make much of a difference, and she really does not like the taste. Does anyone have any more ideas for what I can do for her? I take her to the park every once in a while to make sure she stretches out, but she can't go very far, and the rides aren't that great on my little claustrophobic kitty. She seems in pretty good health other than arthritis, and I don't think I could stand to watch her in pain over the next 5 to 7 years until she finally crosses the bridge. Any other advice I can get from you to make her life a little more comfotable would be amazing and very welcome. Thank you all.
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There's some good ideas on this thread.

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