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He came to visit the other day- and today he will come back to stay! - Page 2

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Oh yes I have visiting privileges, as well as she wants me to train him since I have already started.
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MA, you did what was best for you and Rugby. He has a great home, good health care, and will be very loved. He'll even has his 'Aunt MA' to play with him and teach him how to be a good boy. He is the luckiest puppy around.

Please continue to share stories about him with us, he stole my heart instantly.
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Awww I was looking forward to hearing about him and seeing pics of him - just from his photo I really felt attached to him like he was a very special dog. Of course you made a good decision MA - a hard one - but a good one for Rugby. I'm sure he'll be very happy with all the kids and animals to play with as he grows up. At least you got a puppy for a few days!
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Here and gone so soon but thank-you for introducing us to such a beautiful creature! You made a good decision-albeit a tough one.
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The house is a lot quieter, but it sure feels empty. I know I did the right thing, for Kenai's sake- but I was getting attached to that furball. I called over there earlier and he has been romping with the kids and they are fighting over who he gets to sleep with tonight.
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Awwwww I was so excited at the start of the thread oh YAY M.A has a new puppy and then(( the vet got him! Sorry Hissy!

I have a G.S as well she's called Soul
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That is a cool name Sam! Our GS is called Kenai Spiritalker ever since she was a puppy she would talk all the time, really low and quiet, we figured she was communicating with other beings we just didn't see! Then come to find out she was afflicted with this rare bone disorder so as she was growing it must of been uncomfortable. We did take her to four different vets during that time frame to see if she was sick, and we were told no! It wasn't until she reached a year old that a specialist diagnosed her. Having Rugby around was just adding to her discomfort because she was assuming her puppyhood with him again romping and playing, and then paying for it later in the day.
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MA you did the right thing. For your own furbaby and for Rugby. He will have lots of love from you and your vet's family. He will be able to swim and have the time of his life. What a lucky puppy!! Your baby was suffering from all the romping and that might have shortened his life. It was for the best and you still get to be a part of his life.
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Just returned from the first training session. Dallas is as attentive a student as I have seen. He has a great deal of patience for a teenage boy- I attribute that to his being brought up around baby animals especially horses- they have quite a herd over there.

Found out why the other dogs don't behave, they were trained with "food and treats" I train with praise and toys. Makes a big difference and lowers the aggression in the dogs as well.

Rugby knows Lie Down now- both hand and command signals. I told Dallas that is always the first command I teach. I also told him due to the fact that they have so many horses (one daughter teaches classes) that the command of NO should not be used here because NO and WHOA are too close! I have visions of them being outside and having Rugby act out, and someone yell NO and several horses in the arena suddenly skidding to a stop and riders sliding off! So it is the command of "Not Acceptable"

Rugby is in puppy heaven over there- they took him on a long ride last night- well they rode the horses and he walked along. He didn't mess with the horses, or run off- the kids all love him and they are going swimming with him later. It was a good choice to let him go. I am at peace with it.
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Awwww....so sorry you had to let Rugby go M.A.! Sounded like a beautiful animal! But I know that you know it was for the best as you stated in the previous posts.

I still was excited when I saw this thread (I was going to secretly live through your posts)! I have always wanted a dog, but we wouldn't have enough room here in the city. But one day we will have some acres far away from here and I will have my animals and peace.


My only problem now is learning some patience so that I survive till then! Or as an alternative, you get another pup and post a lot about him/her.

Or I can come and live with you! Hmmmm....let me think on that!

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He looks so innocent in that photo! What a handsome guy! Congratulations!!! I'm so happy he found a great home with you. Ah, yes...the puppy years...I'd almost forgotten what that was like. I know you'll enjoy him! And he's so lucky to have been given to you - a loving, patient home to grow up in .
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So cool! He's gonna be a big 'un! I love it when their ears and paws are so huge and their bodies are so little.

I love big dogs too (they look so cut cuddling with little kitties).
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Awwwww M.A I'm sorry about Kenai! You're a good Mommy for him!
I suppose I should of added, that Soul's best friend is G.S/Dobie Cross, Jazz see the music theme going on ! and my puppy fatty well.... LOL

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