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He came to visit the other day- and today he will come back to stay!

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This little guy is according to the new owner "out of control" chewing things, tearing things up, knocking things over (you know, puppy stuff) He brought him over the other day (Mike and I used to train Shepherds) to see what we could do. I spent some time with him and fell in love with him. I see a bored puppy with not much interaction and a whole lot of energy! Well Alan called this morning and said he wants us to have this guy! Guess he can't handle puppydom- so he is going to drop him off this morning sometime-
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Congratulations on your new puppy, Hissy! How old is he?

P.S. He's beautiful!
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Tearing thngs up and chewing them, in other words, being a normal puppy! He is adorable, gotta love those big puppy feet.
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He has full pedigree and is 3 months old- they call him Zeus- we will probably change his name though
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Good grief, he was just acting like a normal puppy. Pearl did the same things. He'll have lots of company and playmates, at your house. I love those huge ears and feet.
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Awww what a sweetheart! I want him! I love those ears!
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Well you can't have his ears! I think he needs them! He is going to be big alright, and he is just being a puppy. They keep him outside in a kennel by himself and he is digging and chewing his dog house (major boredom) here he will be with the whole family go with us when we leave the house, and be under our feet and in our hearts fairly quickly. I am thinking about calling him Rugby- don't know why just looks like it fits
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Rugby is a good name! My favourite sport!
Well, if I had his ears, it probably would look funny on me!
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Awww what a sweetheart!!! He is just so adorable! (I love the ears too, I must confess!) Best of luck with him, MA!!!
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Thank goodness his other owner had the sense to give him to someone who knows how to deal with animals. How do some people manage with kids, if they have them? Don't they realize baby animals are like little children--into everything if they don't have human interaction?

He looks like a real charmer, lucky you and lucky him.
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He's here and he is into EVEYTHING! LOL

He has so far, knocked down the vase on the dining room table (he bumped into the table) Flipped over the water bowl, ate all the dry cat food on the floor- something that will be corrected quickly! Chased three cats up the cat post! *G* He is a little weak on the stay command- pulled open my file cabinet drawer of my desk (catnip toys inside) discovered a huge pouch of catnip (rescued in just the nick of time) Scrambled up the stairs to see the cat room- gone outside to see the horses- that was fun! Decided he didn't like the woodpile location and started carting off the cut sticks to another section of our property and scared the neighbor's rooster who likes to sit in our walnut tree! And best of all- he has PUPPY BREATH!
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Wow what a great way to start off the day! Puppy breath! My favorite. Kitten breath just isn't the same. LOL
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EWWW! no it isn't! LOL Right now he is laying down on the lower shelf under the computer- right where my feet need to be! LOL
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LOL! Lucky him that you're taking him!!!!! He is such a gorgeous boy!!!
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Sounds like someone's making himself at home. He's one good looking puppy - and I LOVE those ears!
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He is SO handsome! How lucky you are to get him, and lucky for him to have you too!

Can we see more pics please?!
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Congrats on your new addition Hissy! I don't know much about dogs but he looks adorable.
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Thanks! I wore him out!
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Who wore WHO out?!
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LOL! He wore himself out! I was exercising the horse in the round pen and he was running with Racer (on the outside of the pen) He got so dizzy he fell down! LOL He is a hell of a lot of fun!
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Oh wow MA he is a beauty. My uncle has one of the biggest german shepards I've ever seen, and he's such a SWEETHEART!

Your new puppy looks so adorable. I can tell you're having fun with him. You should write about him and add pictures to your writing (since you're a damn good writer). I would LOVE to read about his little antics and his absolutely adorable personality.
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Rugby had an eventful morning-

Went to feed the horses and Rug went with me. Our land is fully fenced so there was no danger of him getting out- so he basically has free run of the place. He loves to run! He also loves to jump up on people but that is puppy exuberance and I will work with him on that.

So we go out to the horses and I am feeding. One of my neighbor's geese likes to come in the yard early in the morning and pick through the garden in search of slugs. Rugby saw this big white bird thing and took off like a shot! LOL He got close to Goosey Lucy and she just watched him coming- all of a sudden she started to swell up and raised her neck and spread her wings and started flapping like she was going to take off! LOL Rugby did a nice sliding stop and turned around and yipping an kiyiying went flying into the house! LOL

My neighbor was leaning against our fence just laughing! Hee hee I wonder if Rugby likes living out of a kennel? He was hiding under the dining room table when I got back in the house- and only a scrap of steak brought him out. Can't say I blame him! I had Lucy chase me one morning when she was in a mood- she is pretty formidable!

His first commands are going to be NO CHASE and STAY! LOL
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Just need to talk here-

My vet has been out to see Rug and totally and completely flipped over this pup (easy to do) She has a huge place, lots of animals, 5 kids, a hubby that works from home. Her animals include horses, dogs, goats, sheep and cats. She has expressed a huge interest in adopting Rugby and we were not even asking- and he really took to her quickly, but then all animals seem to. He would have kids to grow up with, they have a lake on their property so he would go swimming with them and best of all he would have great health care.

Kenai is suffering from him being here, as she is trying to keep up with him, and her bones don't support this effort. I am seriously thinking to giving him up to Susan before I get more attached to him.
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He seems very cute.

One of my fondest memories as a kid was playing with my neighbor's German Sherpard. Ah, she was gorgeous and loveable and very playful. Lady was a great kid's pet.

Though, it does sound like you really have grown to love the puppy. I think this puppy is very lucky in the end, because whatever you decide this puppy is going to have a great home.
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Aw, Mary Anne. What a tough decision. But it sounds like the vets home is perfect for an exuberant puppy. And he will absorb a lot of your time, I bet. What a tough decision! Maybe he just came to you so that the vet could see him, and he would find his right home.
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He's gone. At least I didn't get too attached, now I have to pick up the house it is full of puppyness!
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Awww, Hissy - he is so cute! I just can't let 'em go, once they're here. Couldn't you have rented him a kid?
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I looove the name!! Congrats to you on your newest addition!! He is sooo adorable!!!!
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Kathy he isn't here anymore. My vet has him.
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I'm sure you can still go and see him if you ask your vet, Hissy. Sounds like you did what was best for the puppy... growing up with a bunch of kids to adore it will be good for him. And they can tire each other out.
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