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Kizzy, Kitchisox and Pax: Cuteness warning!!!!!!

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hee hee hee.

Here's what 11lbs of cat vs 1.9lbs of cat looks like.

But first, must start at the beginning.

Kitchi and Pax still have their own room.... Kizzy likes to play with them under the door.

One side of the door:

and the other:

Soon as I open the door, Kizzy scoots in, and Pax n' Sox give him some lovin... then PLAY TIME.

Going for the sneak attack now...

Neener neener, you can't get me

ehhh? Wut iz dis?

part 2 coming
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and rest time

and my favorite pic of all (well so far anyways)

Kizzy and Kitchi admiring eachother

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Awww Chris... Too cute for words! Kizzy looks like the perfect and gentle big brother! How old are they right now? Also, when are they living the room? Have them met Brandy yet?
They are way too cute - I hope you keep them both!!
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They are 9wks today

I'd like to see them a little older before they start roaming the house, as well as have their second shot of dewormer (June 4) They all (including Kizzy) need boosters the week of June 18th (this will finally finish Kizzy's baby shots, and will be the kittens second shots).

DH is not a cat person, and there will never be any change to that. So I do not know if I will be keeping both. I can say that they will stay untill they've had all their shots and are 3mos old. We'll see after that.

Kizzy can be quite rough with them sometimes.... but its not his fault really. He was an only kitten.... and tries to play like he see's the kittens doing (nibbling and bunny kicking) which can be painful when you have Kizzy, a 10mos old, 11lb ragdoll compared to 9wk old, 1.9lbs kittens LOL.

He'll learn though...there was some hissing at first, but now nothing really. The kittens will hiss at Kizzy when they are tired of his rough play LOL.
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Originally Posted by Snake_Lady View Post

Going for the sneak attack now...

I love this picture!!! He's so proud of himself that he's a big boy and can reach the top of the post!!

I had a huge male when Stumpy was this size. Stumpy would pounce on Max then rabbit kick him, and Max would just plant a paw on Stumpy and pin him down as Stumpy tried to bite his face. And Max would just look around nonchalantly while Stumpy flailed.

I love to see big cat and little kittens play like this. They are really bonding.

Let your DH see how fun Sox and Pax are and he will fall for them. DH wasn't a cat person either when I met him and it was always the kittens that he fell hard for. His favorites in this house are all of the kittens that we rescued very young.
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They are all GORGEOUS
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They're so cute!
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Chris, those pictures are SO cute! Looks like they have really settled in
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Awwwwww, Kizzy looks so happy to be playing with Pax and Kitchi. What a great series of pictures. I can't believe how quickly Pax and Kitchi are growing. Good luck with hubby coming over to the dark side.

P.S. The babies are beyond adorable, and Kizzy is so handsome.
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