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So I flew back to CA from PA on Wednesday after being away for 3 weeks. I was petting Genever on the bed and saw in the closet door mirror something on her chin! I asked my BF what the heck it was, and he never noticed it before. Looked like 2 tiny little sores or something. Since we'll both be flying back to PA for a few days this weekend, he said we better get her checked out so it doesn't get worse.

I got her to the vet yesterday and she said it's acne! My poor kitty! I never heard of cat acne before, but reading on other threads here I guess it's kind of common. So G-cat got a 2-week antibiotic shot. (no pills, yay!) It must've just appeared within the past few days cos it's not that bad, and I'm sure BF would've noticed it. He's really good with her. Also the vet didn't say to clean it or put stuff on it like I've read some of you have done, so I'll just leave it and see what happens. And definitely make sure her bowls are cleaned everyday.

While I was there I mentioned she's puking more during the last week or 2, and after discussing foods and all that, we can't figure out why. Maybe stress from missing me, who knows. Vet recommended trying 1/4 of a 10mg Pepcid AC tablet once a day that it might help. I didn't get a chance to pick up some yesterday so I will today.

I also thought i'd mention her room-clearing abilities after pooping, and the vet said it could be rich food or just different cats have different systems, so she told me about this probiotic stuff to sprinkle on wet food that sometimes helps but sometimes doesn't, I said I'll try it, what the heck. This is it: I hope it works! At least Genever ate her food with it last night, I was afraid she wouldn't like it or something.

Such goings on though with my little girl! I was very proud of her at the vet though, she was SO GOOD, the techs and the vet all kept saying how good and well-behaved she is. You can poke her and fool with her and she just takes it.. No hissing with the thermometer, nothing. Such a sweet kitty.