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Cranky, mellow or still the same?

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Moose is nine and is becoming a cranky old man. OTOH, Rocky is ten and is mellowing out. Lucy is six and, as yet, hasn't changed; she stil loves to pester Moose and he's not as tolerant as he was.

I'm interested to know how aging has changed your cat(s) behavior, if at all.
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none of my cats get that old, but my sister's cat Baby is about 14 and he has become so mellow it's like he's another cat! He's always had a big attitude (like meowmy, like kitty ) and he's really calmed down
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My oldest boy Molasses is 10 years old. If one of the other cats wants to rub up against him or they are playing next to him, he kind of gives off a sound like a whine or a little scream. I tell him to stop being a cranky old man. His sister Cinnie also 10 years old is more mellow. And the rest of my guys are between 2 and 5 and are very wild.
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Jade is a little over a year old, she's still very much the wild kitten, but she has mellowed enough to appreciate and often demand cuddles.

Baby is a bit over two years old, but she only adopted me in September, she's a total cuddlebug and was even as a stray.

Spaz recently turned 15, she was a wild child until she was around 2, then she decided to be a total cuddleslut.
To Spaz there are no strangers, only friends she has yet to meet, she loves everyone.
She gives boisterous headbutts and little tongue-y kitty kisses and would be in someone's arms 24/7 if she could. She sleeps on my head in bed and will kiss my eyelids if I so much as stir.
She gives hugs and will drool down your neck or in your ear canal.
If the other cats love on her she will clean their ears in motherly fashion before giving them a swat to remind them who's in charge.

I'm not sure a more amourous cat ever existed
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My dear little Fred, who passed to the RB at 18 grew sweeter with every passing year.
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My OTB Shep, at age 17, was very forgetful (cognitive disorder). She always hated other cats, and she actually got a little bit tolerant them her last year with us. We're not sure if she actually forgot that she didn't like other cats, or just mellowed.

Stumpy at age 14, can be a bit ornery at times with the other cats, but he's always preferred dogs over cats anyway. He used to let the other cats shmooze up to him (he is our alpha), but more often than not, he bats them away now. He has gotten more clingy with his humans, which isn't surprising since he's had an auto-immune disease for 12 years that is finally wearing him down.

Eightball at age 12 is finally beginning to mellow a bit. He's the most feral in the house, and he's allowed more strangers to actually see him in the last year than he has the other entire 11 years of his life. He's the type of cat that could never settle into your lap (always walking back and forth on it), but now actually lays down and snuggles in. FINALLY!! You don't know the amount of energy I put into that cat over the years to get him to simply lay down in my lap. And now he doesn't want to leave it.
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My RB cat Sphinx (passed over at 18 yrs - we only had him for 2 years so I can't say what he was like as a youngster) was very tolerant of other cats, even when he wasn't feeling well. He was a little cranky but I'll give him some room because of his health.

Kuce (our current eldest at 16 yrs) seems to have mellowed out if that is at all possible - she was already mellow.

Luvbug (9yrs) seems to have mellowed out as well. He's been with us since he was 4 years old. He still has his stubborn side and keeps LJ in line.

Lil' Jag (almost 5yrs - she was only 3.5 months old when we took her in) is still in her spitfire stage although she seems to be loving a little more attention lately, so we will have to wait and see with her.
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