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LOL cococat!

I have learned which cat is more likely to cause a certain kind of mischief. Kinko loves to chew on cardboard and plastic, while Chloe rummages through the trash; I swear she gets enough food! She's just a piggy!
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Originally Posted by missymotus View Post
I'm the same.
Me too. My cats rarely ever break anything and I don't mind if they do.
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Awwww, more alienate Persi!

Poor Trout too, it is always her...because literally it has to be unless its my fiance
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That would be Aristotle, aka The White Tornado. All crashes are blamed on him. I hear one, yell "Ari!" and hear a "What!" like meow from the area of the crash.

Years ago - and other kitties - I heard the rumble of a stampede and a crash from the bathroom. I found a cracked window and no kitties anywhere near the bathroom. In fact, they were all asleep.
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Originally Posted by Persi & Alley View Post
How about you? When you find something amiss in your home do you immediately know who to blame? And as an adjunct, have you ever done something bad and blamed it on one of your cats?
99.9% of the time it is Figaro who is being naughty so he is the one we blame.

And I MIGHT have knocked over a small plant and blamed it on the cats. No one saw me do it so there is no evidence! Also when I was living at home I may or may not have knocked over a speaker and broke it. Mom and Dad just assumed it was the cats and I just never corrected them
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There can only be one guilty party here But he is mostly a good boy.

I do blame him for me not hoovering because I don`t want to wake him up when he`s sleeping
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I blame all my pets just so that I get the culprit all the time! haha I guess it depends on what the catastrophe is. If it's something off my breakfast buffet, I know it's Schweppie. But if it's food related or someone's been in the garbage, it's Kiri, my dog. But if something else has been knocked over, it's My Little Guy - probably playing chase the dog with Kiri. But Kiri has an expressive face so she usually has the puppy dog look that prevents me from getting angry. My Little Guy has this naive, innocent look that just makes me melt. And I can't really blame Schweppie as he doesn't give a poop about the other two so he stays up on the buffet so if he's clumsy, then that's okay.
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Most often it is Riley that does the "bad kitty" things He just can't seem to help it. The one exception being when an ink pen is gone missing from the jar, or is found on the floor. I know then that Xander has been climbing on the desk and playing with them because Xander has an ink pen fetish. He just can't resist them!
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Originally Posted by Persi & Alley View Post
Please excuse my ignorance but I do not know what CH is. It does not sound good and I am sorry for Forest.
Originally Posted by Arlyn View Post
Cerebelar Hypoplasia (sp?) it is like Cerebral Palsy, the brain isn't usually affected, just the motorskills
I'm sorry to take so long to check back in here, Lee. Many people are unfamiliar with CH, and I'm always happy to educate them on my special boy.

Arlyn is correct. It's cerebellar hypoplasia. It is like cerebral palsy. His cerebellum didn't form correctly, so he was born with poor motor skills. He walks like a drunken sailor and has a bobble head, but he's otherwise perfectly healthy. He's also one of the happiest creatures I've ever met, so there's no need to feel sorry for him. Forest is just fine with himself...he's just not sure what's wrong with the rest of us.

Here's a link to a great You Tube video of a CH kitty:
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Now that we have the the "baby" in the house, Natasha, when ever something turns up missing, we know who is to blame....she is. Natasha is a huge thief!! She takes pens, hangers, cell phones, the corded phone, keys...anything that isn't put away.
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With our three cats, its easy; the "Taz-Man"

He's orange, 20 pounds and very immature for his 10 years.........and not all that coordinated
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We have 5 cats soo it is a little difficult to tell who does what. But Pooh Bear is always on the table...always!! She sleeps up there all the time, she is always lazy but has an obsession to drink out of cups. She sees a cup and she wants it!! So if a glass is knocked is generally Pooh. Stuff being knocked over like books and generally always Manny or sometimes Pooh Bear will accidentally shove them off when she rolls around lol. JuneBug well shes my girl lol All of our cats are a bit mischievious lol
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If another cat is screaming, then we just automatically yell "Mojo, leave her (or him) alone!" Mojo lacks kitty-manners and plays too rough. Unless it's Ophelia who is growling or hissing, and then it's one of the calicos (Ginger Cookie or Annie) who apparently think it's funny that she hates them and that she over-reacts when they get too close.

When something goes *bang* it's most likely Annie, because even though she is over 1 year, she is definitely still a kitten in her mind.

If it's the elephant stampede, or spin-outs on the laminate floor downstairs, it's a process of elimination. We see who is still sleeping in the room with us and know it's two or three of the others. Usually at least one calico is involved and it's most likely The Calicos, since they do love to play together! They are the smallest of our cats, not more than 7-8 pounds each, but they sound like a herd when they play chase.
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That's easy!

Maggie is my chewer. Light cords, purse handles, shoes, books. Pretty much whatever she can get her razor sharp teeth into.

Lola is the pee-er, but thankfully, only when she gets a UTI. Once that gets cleared up, she doesn't do it again until the next one.

Cleo is the puker. She gets combed multiple times a day, but she still yacks up hairballs. The other two don't like to get combed, and so only get combed rarely, but still don't yack up hairballs like Cleo does.
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