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AbbyCat died and I need answers

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Someone please email me with some info, please, I'm shattered right now. weyrleader@charter.net

I had a cat that I let some friends take care of after rescuing her from the humane society (my ex-roommate put her in there)

From Last Thursday until Monday she was healthy, running around, playing, eating, drinking, normal cat stuff.

Monday night she stopped eating and drinking and her nose began to run clear liquid.
Tuesday she was weak and would barely move, nose still running, wouldn't eat or drink, same as weds.

on Thursday I found a vet that would take her to check without a down payment. ( I had oblicgations such as Trying to find a job and doing other things because I'm on the food stamp program here) so I could not go

Anyway, she died after being at the vet for an hour, from dehydration. This strikes me as being funny because she was eating and drinking Thursday through Sunday at least (I was THERE on Saturday and Sunday, she was HEALTHY)

When I called a vet on Weds, they thought it was an upper resp infection as well.

The only reason I'm asking this is my so-called friends are accusing ME of neglecting the cat that I have loved for two years and I was wondering if Feline Leukemia could be involved, or some other disease. It just strikes me as being odd that she was healthy for four days and then BOOM she got deathly sick. I never even got to say good bye to her.....this won't let me attach a picture of her, even though its smaller than the max size.

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I am so sorry for your loss- but without being there and seeing the cat and all that is wrong, it is hard to diagnose over the internet.It could of been a number of things- and the only way to tell for sure is a necropsy- which unless you take certain steps after the death, would be next to impossible now.

She could of picked something up at the shelter, or she could of ingested something poison? If there are houseplants around or something like that? It really is hard to say-

Again, I am so sorry for your loss-
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I wish we had an answer for you. There are many things that can quickly kill a cat, such as poisons and antifreeze, and illness such as FIP that can catch you by surprise even though the cat has been sick for a long time. As Hissy said, the only way to know is for the vet to do a necropsy, which is likely expensive, and probably won't do anything to make you feel better.

Please click here to visit the Rainbow Bridge forum where members write about the loss of their cherished cats. You might find some solace there.
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I'm worried about the clear liquid... did you examine her head any. If cats are anything like humans, that clear fluid could have been the liquid that protects the brain from jolting and jarring into the skull. Did you feel any soft sopts? Did you notice any depressions? Was she licking at her nose a lot to get the fluid (children do this a lot if it's is present as it is sweet tasting)? Was it a lightweight fluid or was it more like snot consistancy?

Strikes me as she might have gotten into an accident at your friends place and gotten a head trauma that may have finally done her in.

I'm sorry about your loss, I hope you get some info.
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You know, that does sound possible, their 3 year old son had threatened to hit her on more than one occasion, even to the point of grabbing a heavy toy and going towards her. If I find out that is what happened....HEADS WILL ROLL!!!!!

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Well just make sure it wasn't some sort of snot or something that was thick. CSF (cerebral spinal fluid) isn't very thick at all.

Did you notice any of the things I mentioned in my post on your kitty?
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Yes I did, the fluid was not thick, it was close to water consistency. Like I said, she was healthy up until Monday, then BOOM all of this happened.
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Well it sounds like CSF (but it could be a thin runny nose). Good luck on what you find, keep us informed. I'm interested in knowing, the vet should be able to tell you too.
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Anything new???
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