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The little babies

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A family member of one of our volunteers had a young cat (the vet thinks 4 months) show up on her door step. She is super sweet and has found her self a furever home. It turns out she was pregnant, but it seems for whatever reason she had the babies prematurly. The first 2 were still born, the 3rd our shelter paid to have an emergancy c-section. The mom wanted nothing to do with it, and despite the efforts of the vet the little one passed away yesterday. As I said the Mom cat is going to be adopted by the woman who found her, but maybe these little ones were just not meant to be.

R.I.P. little ones, I hope it is lots of fun over the bridge.
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Oh how sad.
I am glad that the Mama has a home.

You are not forgotten little kittens.
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Awwwwww so much for a young cat to go through at only 4 months - pregnant already? She's just a baby herself. I'm so glad she has a furever home now - and I'd like to thank everyone who took care of her through this awful situation.

Sending sweet thoughts to the little ones who didn't make it.
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I'm so sorry the little ones didn't make it. Poor mama cat's been through a lot, I'm glad she's got a home now.

Play hard over the Bridge, little kittens!
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It's sad but at least the mommy cat has a forever home. Rest in Peace Little Ones.
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Poor sweet angels They'll have plenty of surrogate mums at the bridge to look after them

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What a shame
Play happily at Rainbow Bridge, little ones.
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Poor little ones..........
Rip to they...
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