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I asked CFA for a mentor last Jan and today I get a email

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Last Jan before I got a mentor I asked CFA for one and never got a reply until today.
I told my mentor about the email and this is what she said.
It sure wouldn't hurt to ask who the mentor is. And it would be fun to have a buddy to bench with. That is the only thing Jenn and I cannot do for you. If I was you I would ask to be put in touch with the mentor they assigned to you. You might make a valuable cat show friend. Love Diana
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My main mentor is of course my breeder, but she's in another state. I met my "in person" mentors at cat shows and we became friends over time.
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That is my problem also.
Everyone is in other states.
My Mentor said it would be nice to have some one helping me from California since she can not show with me.
I can not believe I got a reply from CFA after 5 months.

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I am sure there is no such thing as too much support! I don't breed myself but I know plenty of breeders who would come and hold my hand at shows or stay on the phone with me in the small hours giving advice and encouragement if I were ever in a situation where that was needed. Some of those people are further away from me than others, and it may well be beneficial to have someone within easy reach - if you have someone close by who can offer support with things that maybe others couldn't help with due to location, then that is not a bad thing at all IMO.
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My in person mentors do not have my breed, but it doesn't matter. They call me when the girls are in labour so I can come and watch/help, I visit the kittens at least weekly and help with weighing, feeding etc.

I can understand it took 5 months, breeders are very busy and many possibly not keen to take on a stranger to mentor.
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I do understand a lot about showing in CFA now.
I was taught a lot before I showed the first time.

I do not care what breed the person has.
I get enough help from the sphynx breeders.

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Honestly I'm not sure how the program is supposed to work. All my knowledge came from others that showed on a regular basis (and we were at the same show) and picked up tips/hints from them - didn't matter what they were showing.

I was also part of the Cornish Rex Society (they have a newsletter too) and got lots of valuable info from the club - even tho I never met half the people.

I just learned things by showing for years. Most exhibitors are pretty friendly and are happy to answer questions.

I'll be glad to help you in any way I can regarding shows (CFA or ACFA as I don't know TICA).
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I will not be showing in ACFA because there are no shows out here.
I have learned alot from the two shows I have gone to so far.
TICA is what I am confused with.
Jen explained it to me but I am still confused.
I wish they had a Mentor program.
GK you have helped me already before I even had Cleo when I was trying to decide what breed to get.
My Mentor told me go ahead and let who ever CFA gives me help.
I have benched with a Cornish Rex Breeder,Abby Breeder and La Perm breeder so far.
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What are you confused on about TICA. I primarily show in TICA and would be happy as I am sure others here would be happy to answer specific questions.
The best way to learn TICA is to join a TICA club which before a specific show (ours does and so does BC clubs typically) provide an intro on showing in TICA ect. There are also club lists where you can ask questions, the TICA list and several breeds as well as HHP lists that you can ask for someone to help you personally and maybe make some great friends. Overall, TICA is a great atmosphere and lots of fun happy people. Plus you can cover a lot of rings in one weekend.
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I do not understand the scoring.
I was told you have to fill a card out and send it in.
I was going to show in Reno in TICA but I have to go to the hospital the week of that show and will not be able to go.
I plan on showing Cleo in Lodi which is in October.
That is a TICA show.
The rest are CFA.
In CFA I show Cleo in every ring.
One day shows have 6 rings and 2 day shows have 8 rings.
Its so easy.
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The clerks keep score in a TICA show. They send it in to TICA in TX and your points are totaled. Show reports are sent out on the TICA list or for those of us on breed lists: Siberians in Show, then you get a letter from TICA if your cat got one final and 200 points for Champion. Then you send in 5 or 10 (don't remember exactly the fee) and you get a certificate.

You can even show once without registering. then you can send a letter or an email to TICA after you register your cat or give them the show and your cats name,to get your points included. is a good in depth easy to understand page and links on TICA scoring.

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Thanks for the info and link.
Cleo was registered in TICA before she was in CFA.
It took CFA so long to send everything.
I had to send $10 to CFA when Cleo became a Premiere.
I started showing in CFA first because we have more shows here.
We only have the Lodi show in Jan and Oct in TICA that is close to me.
It is about 45 minutes from here.
I would have gone to the Reno show in July but there is no way I will be able to go.
I have friends in CFA but no one to bench with it TICA because everyone lives in another state.
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