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Potty training?

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We recently got a kitten from my sister. He is 10 weeks old now, and we have had him for 2 weeks.

He used to potty on the kitchen floor in the same spot, so we moved the litter box to easier access. Now now he goes 6 inches outside of it...
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There are several reasons why kittens may sometimes miss the box. Although yours is accessible, perhaps the sides of the box are too high and he has difficulty jumping in. Also, the litter itself might not be of his liking.
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Like above mentioned, there could be several reasons for this. Most important thing is to have a thorough vet check and clean bill of health. 10 weeks old is very young and more often then not at this age they need a lot of guidance. Did you ask who you adopted him from if he was litter trained and what type of litter they used? He may have had no litter training at all, at this point you need to start him over. He should be introduced to the home slowly, room by room. You need to watch him closely for signs of when he needs to use the litter and take him to it, move his front paws in a scratching motion as he would. I would also change his litter to something natural......
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